PIA Saves $1 Million Refurbishing an A-320 Aircraft In-House [Pictures]

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Engineering & Maintenance department has achieved a noticeable milestone and successfully completed heavy maintenance visit (HMV) of an Airbus A-320 aircraft. PIA saved over a million dollars in foreign exchange and developed expertise in refurbishing aircraft.

PIA spokesperson, Mashood Tajwar, told ProPakistani that this is the third Airbus A-320 aircraft successfully completing a major check (12 yearly check). PIA is one of the few airlines which has this level of aircraft maintenance capabilities.

“The HMV check was performed within the planned time and the aircraft was not only completely overhauled but now comes with fresh paint and refurbished cabin interior,” Tajwar added.

Tajwar also disclosed that by performing HMV check in airline’s own facility, PIA saved over a million dollars of foreign exchange. PIA Engineering aims to upgrade their maintenance capabilities to include all aircraft types operating in Pakistan.

“PIA could become the leading aircraft maintenance services provider not only in Pakistan but in the entire region,” told the spokesperson.

PIA Engineering is already providing maintenance services to big regional operators like Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Oman Air, & Gulf Air. The professionalism and technical proficiency of PIA engineers is acknowledged by all the Airlines.

What is Heavy Maintenance Visit (HMV)?

Heavy maintenance visit (HMV), also known as a D check in the aviation industry, is the most comprehensive and demanding check for an airplane. Airlines plan HMV checks years in advance. On average, a commercial aircraft undergoes two or three D checks before being retired.

During HMV, the entire airplane is disassembled for inspection and overhaul. Even the paint is completely removed for fuselage metal skin inspection. Such a check can generally take up to 50,000 man-hours or 2 months to complete, depending on the aircraft and the number of technicians involved.

The requirements and the tremendous effort involved in this maintenance check make it by far the most expensive, with total costs for a single D check in the million-dollar range.

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