You Can Now Instantly Translate English to Urdu Offline Using Google Translate

Google Translate is perhaps one of the best free tools out there for translating languages on the go, whether online or offline. The translate application just simply works and does what it’s supposed to do without any fuss, and the translations are accurate for the most part and work well.

English to Urdu translation has been available for a while now with voice translation being added a while back while translating from either language. However, a new update has enabled the option to take a picture of or use your camera to translate any text in English to Urdu on the spot.

English-to-Urdu Image Translation

As you can see from the image below, it is not currently possible to take an image of Urdu text and translate it to English and/or any other language. However, English to Urdu image translation support is now available while support for other languages is slowly being added.

English-to-Urdu Image Translation

In order to use the image translation feature, make sure that you are on the latest version of the Translate app by going to Play Store and updating the application.

Play Store

Go to the application and select to translate from English to Urdu and click the Camera icon.

Live translation of the text still looks a little broken and the translated Urdu text looks like it is in reverse and it is difficult to make sense of what’s written. Google is aware of the issue and allows you to reverse the order of the words to make it look better.

This makes the translation easier to understand. However, for a better translation, it is still recommended that you take a picture first and then translate it using the application, as the live translation does seem to bug out at times.

google translate urdu to english


You can update the Google Translate app for Android from here and for iOS devices from here.

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