SCMDojo: A Top 10 Supply Chain Management Blog That Was Started by a Pakistani

The Internet presents many opportunities to those who wish to brush up their marketing skills. Online marketing gurus such as Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas, to name a few, have offered an immense amount of knowledge through their respective blogs. And what’s more, there are tons of other blogs out there to help you become the entrepreneur you wish to be, covering a wide range of important topics from finance to marketing, and operations to human resources. However, there does seem like there’s a gap in this particular market – a gap that many e-commerce sites, namely, claim is the ‘heart and soul’ of their businesses. Without it, the business wouldn’t just not be able to thrive, or even survive. We are talking about Supply Chain Management here.

Even through the advent of course-offering websites, there isn’t an option for trial-and-tested information to provide someone interested in Supply Chain Management. That too, from a Supply Chain Professional who has both substantial experience and academic qualifications in this particular field. That’s where Dr. Muddassir Ahmed steps in.

Dr. Muddasir – a Profile

Dr. Muddassir completed his Ph.D. from the Lancaster University Management School in 2015, with 13 years of experience in supply chain and a huge amount of research to share. He ran his own personal blog for around 3 years, through which he published more than 100 articles, and had more than 40,200 visitors, 56,000 page views, and 16,300 active newsletter subscribers per month! His secret? Hard work and word-of-mouth.

Having had a great amount of success with his own personal blog in which Supply Chain Knowledge information would be made readily available to interested users, Dr. Muddassir now runs a successful SCM knowledge platform known as SCMDojo.

The site was recently ranked 8th out of 75 professional supply chain management blogs – quite an achievement by a Pakistani. But don’t think of it as merely a blog: think of it as the epitome of a Supply Chain Research Centre.

SCMDOJO’s Mission

The mission of SCMDOJO is “Supply Chain Knowledge & Solutions for Everyone”. They want to offer everyone the opportunity to upskill themselves to solve supply chain problems. Their self-assessment tools, blog posts, guides, ebooks, online courses, training and solutions should enable large companies, SMEs, and individuals to be successful in their supply chains.

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed goes further to make the following claim,

Companies are made up of people. And when those people have the right tools and knowledge, they can turn their business dreams & development goals into reality. We believe that by sharing supply chain knowledge and tools, we will benefit all people. And it’s these people to whom we are providing equal opportunities in the creation of more responsive, agile and flexible supply chain system designs, tailored to their own needs.

Services & Products

SCMDOJO aims to provide Supply Chain Assessment, Diagnostics and SaaS based Tools to achieve individual, team and organizational goals. The specialty of the SCMDojo in the realm of organizational evaluation is the self-assessment tool, used to identify development & competency gaps.

To eliminate said gaps, the platform has developed Best Practice Guides, Courses, eBooks and Information Video, which can furthermore enable other professionals strive to become the “best in their class”. Details are shown in the infographic below


SCMDojo supply chain


SCMDojo offers the following resources to its users:

  • Tools (in the form of assessments, which come in both professional [paid] and free versions)
  • Books
  • Guides
  • Courses
  • Videos


SCMDojo website screenshot


You can take the following assessments from the website:

  • Materials Management Competency Assessment
  • ABC Analysis Tool
  • Advanced Supplier Evaluation
  • S&OP/SIOP Process Assessment
  • Supplier Development Checklist
  • Warehouse Operations Assessment
  • SS Audit
  • Inventory Management Assessment

From the books section, there are only a handful of them available, including Dr. Muddassir’s very own thesis published at his university, titled Enhanced Supplier Development Framework: A Systematic Approach to Improve Supplier Performance (view here).

The guide section involves different resources to guide you on improving your supply chain knowledge, including one titled Six Sigma Project Examples to Get Your Certified.

The courses section involves some of the hottest courses that you can take right now on other websites, namely Udemy.

Finally, the videos section contains videos about different topics pertaining to Supply Chain Management, which involve Dr. Muddassir using the power of a visual medium to convey his knowledge on the subject.

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