P for Pakistan, P for PTCL

Brands come out with patriotic and thematic campaigns during 14th August. This year also lots of brands have special songs and advertisements out. One independence day campaign that breaks the clutter and stands out is the PTCL musical. We love the original musical composition, which has been conceived by none other than, the leading folk band ‘Khumariyaan’.

The tune is very catchy and the video-graphy shows beautiful images from various parts of Pakistan.

Khumariyaan told us that they were approached by PTCL after their Live performance at Iflix Launch Event.

PTCL wanted to do a musical which had music from all provinces. That’s when they put their heads together to come up with this tune. They were very happy with the video execution to the music.

We called up Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer PTCL to congratulate him on the campaign. He told us that he has received great response to the musical. Over 1million views on digital and social platforms. He said he was very proud of his team that made it possible. He said we had to come up with a video depiction to match Khumariyaan’s composition. I am happy with the end result which involved shooting 3,000 Kms across Pakistan.

You can checkout the musical below and give your feedback. Our conclusion is that now PTCL needs to make sure its services are also as upbeat as this musical.

You can watch it here:

  • Be it known to all, that I will P=personally dismantle PTCL (pathetic Telephone Company Limited) for the trauma they have caused millions of P=people.

  • PTCL has a great future in Music and Advertisement industry but not in Telecommunication. Their Smartlink Phone app server crashed about an year ago, and they have not been able to bring it back online. They still have listed Smartlink App on their website without mention that it has been out of service for over 12 months.

  • Or for that matter Sooper Biscuits “Rythms of Azaadi” conceptually copied from the original Morven Gold of the 1990’s in the 2016.

  • Ptcl shud focus on performing their duties. Their repair guy never comes and fixes the internet but the company is focusing on making advertisements with mahira or starting campaigns P for Pakistan. What IDIOTS !!! Thank goodness, I got rid of these dumb people. Nayatel is the best.

  • Otr to add even further Telenor’s Rawaan (Bhit ja Bhittai Song) — so again, conceptually a much used and old concept indeed!

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