Qualcomm to Rebrand Its Flagship Chipset Series

Qualcomm is prepping up for the launch of its upcoming Snapdragon 855 chip, though, there’s more to consider for us than just the technical side of things.

According to journalist Roland Quandt, in order to avoid confusion with its ARM CPUs for Windows, Qualcomm might eventually launch a newly named series, with the Snapdragon 855 as the first member of the bunch.

“Seems like Qualcomm has a new naming scheme coming,” wrote Quandt.

Snapdragon 855 is not what the final name will be – need to do more research on this, but I think they are switching the chip names to a different scheme to separate chips being destined for mobile from the ones for use in PCs.

That would make sense, as Qualcomm has a Snapdragon 850 chip available already, for use specifically in Windows ARM PCs. The new chip could perhaps now launch under the guise of “Snapdragon 8150”, however, much of this is subject to speculation.

It may be a new name other than Snapdragon, however, well only know by the end of the year.

Launch Date

The chip is expected to be announced by the end of this year, given Snapdragon 845 similarly launched back in December. It’ll be Qualcomm’s first SoC to use the new 7nm architecture for improved efficiency and performance.

The Snapdragon 855, which will be Qualcomm’s next flagship chip for smartphones, regardless of its name, could come with its own neural processing unit (NPU), for more enhanced AI tasks, similar to how Huawei currently does with its high-end Kirin 970 processor. It could also come with a particular version just for use in automotive applications.

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