Xiaomi Unveils An Affordable Gas Powered Smart Water Heater

Xiaomi is known for not bailing out whenever the thought of a new product launch comes to it. From toys to mechanical keyboards, the Chinese company best known for its Smartphones has tried pretty much everything, and now it can add a water heater to the list as well.

The new Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater (also known as “geyser” in Pakistan) was launched in China today, boasting a price-tag of $130. In pure Xiaomi fashion, the price sits on the lower-end of the market.

It will be manufactured by Xiaomi’s Viomi ecological brand, which has unveiled a plethora of appliances, including a kettle and water purifier to-date. Not exactly the kind of thing you’d first expect from Xiaomi, but here we are.

Being a smart water heater, the appliance can be controlled via an application on your smartphone. It comes with a display at the front for showing you the temperature and has built-in energy saving features.

Xiaomi smart water heater

It detects water flowing into it and automatically turns on the gas burner. The water flows through a coil shaped pipe inside the water heater to absorb as much heat as possible, while the gas valve is automatically adjusted based on the flow of water.

When operational, it can supply up to 13 liters of water per minute. It also comes with a digital thermostat, which is said to be accurate within one-degree Celsius. Installation requires 60cm of space at the top, and 25cm on the sides.

The funding of the product also came from a crowdfunding project on Xiaomi’s Youpin website, not something you see from Xiaomi everyday. It is expected to ship in the final week of September.

International availability of the water heater may be iffy as it’s only available in China for now. You can order the heater here.

Via Gizmochina

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