Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Assumes Charge as Minister for IT

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Monday assumed the charge of Ministry for Information Technology and Telecommunication.

Spokesperson for MoIT Sagheer Ahmad Watto, while speaking with ProPakistani, said that the minister soon after his arrival chaired a meeting where Secretary IT Ministry Aamir Ashraf Khawaja gave the minister a detailed briefing.

He was given briefing on the overall working of the Ministry, its different wings and sub-ordinate offices. The minister was also briefed on ongoing development projects.

The Minister on the occasion reiterated the government’s resolve to take concrete steps for strengthening the IT sector. He called upon the officers to work as a team and contribute their best to that end.

According to PTI manifesto 2018, the party will champion Pakistan’s journey towards a knowledge economy, digitisation and boost the IT exports with a cost-cutting strategy driven from the center, improved infrastructure, uplifting human capital, supportive tax policies, incentivising innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Pakistan’s ICT sector and exports have shown consistent growth in recent years. However, the IT sector stands far from its potential and exports hovers around USD 2 billion.

The primary reason is that Pakistan is uncompetitive in international market due to the repressive policies enforced by FBR along with lack of quality human resource, IT infrastructure, government sponsorship and innovation.

The government envisages establishing a Knowledge Economy Authority with cross-sectional powers across government departments to end fragmented approach and adopt a central strategic direction towards digitization.

The party also envisaged to launch the Digital Transformation Initiative Programme for digital infrastructure, citizen services and other e-government programs.

According to the manifesto, the PTI government will create and implement the National Digital Policy to ensure privacy, security, standardization and data sharing across all stakeholders.

It will create and implement a regulatory and legal framework to enable Open Government Data and platform for shared services, besides establishing a National Outreach Scholarship Programme to identify best minds and fully fund their placement in the top institutions.

PTI envisages transforming public administration with E-Governance initiatives to facilitate citizens’ access to justice, rights and other public services.

There are multiple issues in the governance system of Pakistan: inefficient data collection systems, record keeping, intra-coordination between various departments, black economy, tax evasion, and bureaucratic hurdles in solving public issues in federal and provincial levels. The government will ensure full capitalization of digital financial services to supplement digitization of documentation.

  • dear propakistani;

    if this appointment has been done by someone else, your blog head amir and team has shared memes and criticize but right now, halat ye hy ‘bole to kis se’ . isi lye agar sahi journalism kya hota to aj ye na hota

  • IT Ministry is in bad hands
    i still wish we grow this industry , this is one big area which can bring tremendous amount of job opportunity and remittances

  • MBBS doctor with no experience in IT will now run the ministry of IT. A joke done by Imran Khan.
    Believe me I am a critic of PMLN, but ( Anusha Rehman: Our former IT minister ) was an IT and Intellectual Property Laywer. But how come the MBBS doctor of MQM with no experience whatsoever will head this department?.

    Imagine the MBBS doctor will try to convince executives in Google, Facebook paypal, amazon and Top IT companies to invest in Pakistan. What arguments he will be able to give to talk with top IT guys from top IT companies.

    I did support PTI, but I am not a blind supporter like 90 percent of PTI children. This is a wrong choice for a top post. This is against Merit. We want clear reasons to defend this decision.

    • I believe this move shows the importance, our PM has for the IT industry. If he wanted to give a piece of cake to MQM for their support, he could have given them any other less important ministry.

  • Not only IT will rest in peace but also law ministry. Barrister Farogh Naseem of MQM who fought Altaf Hussain case is now your Law Minister. LoL.
    Zubaida Jalal once minister in Gen Musharaf regime did 80 crore rupees corruption in Balochistan. She is now Minister for Defence Production. Yani paanchon ungliyan karahi mein…
    Qanoon ka bhi bol bala issi tarah ho ga Naye Pakistan mein. : )

  • Do not be upset guys. This Uncle will bring PayPal in Pakistan In sha Allah. Aik Pappi Idher, Aik Pappi Udher

  • Extremely sad state of affairs. Unfortunately, in order to criticize a wrong doing by PTI, you first have to prove that you are not a Patwari. Anusha Rehman, has done tremendous work for IT & Telecom.

    I closely & personally know a person who was interviewed by Anush Rehman for a top post related to IT & Telecom. The person had cleared all relevant interviews & the final interview was with Chairman PTA & Ms. Anusha Rehman. You won’t believe that he was clean bowled by Anusha Rehman during the interview & therefore, was not selected. That person is a Pakhtun & a hardcore PTI supporter, but still praises the capability of Ms. Anusha Rehman despite being disqualified by her. And now here we have got this Munna Bhai MBBS. What worse can happen to IT & Telecom??

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