Leica Introduces its Quietest M-Series Camera Yet

Need anonymity while shooting your photos? Leica has you covered, granted you have the bucks to cover your need, which is always a prerequisite with this brand.

The new Leica M10-P comes with the quietest ever mechanical shutter for the company’s M series (50% stealthier than the regular M10 Leica), with no apparent loss of speed, set to 1/4000th of a second with a 1/180s flash sync.

Leica M10-P

The design features the same retro leather finish, available in black and chrome, though, it misses out on Leica’s iconic red dot logo. Another new addition here is the inclusion of a touchscreen, a first for Leica. It allows easier scrolling through your gallery, as well as tap-to-focus, however, the dials and buttons are still in place for usual operation if you prefer the old school Leica shooters.

Sensor and Other Specs

There’s a 24 MP full-frame CMOS sensor on the front, with a Maestro II image processor. The ISO limits are set between 100 to 50,000. There’s still a bult-in EVF, should you decide not to use the touchscreen LCD’s live-view mode.

Leica Camera Wetzlar Germany

The body weights around 675 grams. There’s Wi-Fi connectivity built-in, too. GPS can be added separately though a hotshoe accessory and there’s an electronic spirit level to make sure the camera is steady.


The cost of all this is a mind-blowing $7995, $700 more than the regular M10 model, also premium in its own right, and that’s before you even throw in an extra lens. If you thought the Sony RX100 Mark VI was expensive, you’re in for a reality check.

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