Gboard Minis Use AI to Make Custom Stickers of You

In order to give more of a personality to your online avatar (if your own efforts aren’t enough), Google is giving you the chance to recreate a “Mini” selfie sticker of your own.

The feature is available via Google’s Gboard, which is its standard keyboard, using AI to recreate a custom image of you. Not just that, it also employs various artists’ illustrations and machine learning to ideally match the contours of your shape, your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and hairstyle.

Mini can be accessed using the various options on the Gboard at the bottom of the display. Stickers of two unique kinds, namely Sweet (as specified, when you are feeling elated) and Bold (for times when you need to be more aggressive) are available.

After their creation, they can be customized and will appear in your library alongside other stickers.

There is still an option to use one of the many existing stickers available in Gboard, as the app still holds around 100 regular ones. In case you somehow don’t have Bitmoji, the feature gives you a convenient place to access the feature out-of-the-box.

From Allo

The feature was previously seen in Google’s Allo messaging service. The service is now said to have been neglected for far too long and has a bleak future. Google is still learning its lessons and exporting some of its features to other platforms where they can be put to better use. It doesn’t seem to be a major addition to Gboard but it’s welcome nonetheless, adding a touch of personalization to an otherwise bland keyboard.

The Mini’s are available on iOS as well.

Download Gboard on Android.
Download Gboard on iOS.

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