Punjab Govt’s Official Twitter Account Mysteriously Deleted

In an interesting development, the current verified Twitter profile of Punjab Government, recently archived by the PML-N as ‘Punjab Government (2013-2018)’, has been deleted. PML-N had previously refused to transfer the account to the new government.

The current government has now set up a new profile which is linked to the official website.

PML-N, which governed the province for the last 10 years, created the Twitter handle in 2013. However, the PML-N administration was reluctant to hand over the account to the new government. The previous account verified by Twitter had a massive following of 226,000 followers while the new handle hardly has any following (79 followers) at the time of writing.


govt of punjab twitter
Image via The News


In response to this, PTI Senator Faisal Javed said:

This is the property of the government, and PMLN has no right to hijack these digital assets, this should be investigated and those responsible should be held accountable.

PTI-government has successfully set up its government in the largest province of Pakistan after the party emerged victorious in the recently concluded elections. PTI members were disappointed and showed reservations towards the behavior of PML-N and are expected to raise the issue in the coming days.

A senior member from the social media team of PTI, Imran Ghazali, said that the digital and social media is the reality of 21st century since governments from all over the world reach to their people via the social media. It is a common practice all over the world that previous governments hand over social media accounts to the new ones, he added. The senior member further informed that the government is expected to contact the social media giant, Twitter, in this regard.

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  • They didn’t hand over that account to new Govt, they just deleted it.

    نا کھیڈاں گے، نا کھیڈن دیاں گے۔

    • افسوس کہ اتنی چھوٹی ذہنیت کے لوگ 35 سال حکمران بنے رہے.

    • افسوس کہ اتنی چھوٹی ذہنیت کے لوگ 35 سال حکمران بنے رہے.

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