This Bugati Chiron Was Made Using 1 Million Lego Blocks

Got $3 million lying around somewhere? That’ll get you a real Bugatti Chiron sports car that you can vroom about to your heart’s content. If $3 million sounds too much for you (and lets face it, it should), then perhaps you’d consider going for something significantly cheaper. Like say, a Lego version of this super sports car that you can build yourself and drive. All you have to do is end up assembling the 1-million piece contraption yourself!

If you think we’re joking about the whole thing, then you might want to check out this video:

Unbelievable isn’t it? LEGO unveiled this technological marvel at the Grand Prix Formula 1 event in Monza, Italy. This version looks nearly identical to the real thing, with more than 1 million Lego Technic parts, more than 2,300 motors inside and about 4,000 gear wheels inside its engine made with building blocks.

Bugati Chiron Lego Car Engine

Lego Car Making

Lego Car Making

The car weighs 3,300 pounds and you can drive it around… if you don’t mind its snail-like speeds. At the F1 event, the driver could only manage to make it go 12.4 miles per hour. For comparison, the original Chiron does 0-60 mph (around 0-100 kmh) in 2.5 seconds, with a max speed of 260 mph (418 kmh).

To build this beauty, LEGO says that its engineers took more than 13,000 work-hours to make it come to life. Two people can sit in the LEGO-version of the car. It even has a speedometer and a brake pedal.

Bugati Chiron Lego Version

Bugati Chiron Lego Blocks

Blue Bugati Chiron

Bugati Chiron Blocks

As for what powers the car, LEGO stated that it has installed two batteries inside the Bugatti Chiron – one 80-volt battery for the motor and one 12-volt cell for steering and other electronics. The lights also work, if you’re wondering.

Sadly, this is a one of a kind model that LEGO has shown off for demostrative purposes. But if you really, really want to build one for yourself, LEGO has got you covered with a $350 miniature set of the Bugatti Chiron:

Lego Technic

Image Source: Official LEGO Press Shots

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