Careem’s Global Network of Captains Hits One Million

Careem has officially announced that it has surpassed one million captains on its platform. Careem, the region’s leading ride-hailing app and only tech unicorn with a presence in more than 100 cities across 14 countries, is now one of the biggest tech job creators in the region with Pakistan being one of the largest markets in the network.

The company set a target to have one million Captains and Captainahs on its platform by 2018 and today they announced they achieved this target one quarter early. Careem is said to be creating between 60,000 and 70,000 jobs per month across its regional footprint. Careem entered the Pakistani market in 2016 with an ambition to create 1 million jobs in Pakistan by the end of 2020 and are well in-line to achieve that target.

Captains and Captainahs (which is a title Careem has given to all their drivers, as a form of respect) are the bloodline of the organization and have a range of programs across the network to help boost their morale and growth.

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO & Cofounder of Careem said:

We are humbled about achieving our target of creating one million jobs in the region. We started Careem with a mission to simplify and improve the lives of people. Whilst we wanted to solve local problems with reliable transportation and help people get from A to B, we also wanted to address the high rate of unemployment. We truly believe that our region has untapped potential and resources, and our expansion to 100+ cities in under six years is testament to that. So four years ago, we set ourselves a target of creating one million jobs and here we are.

Careem’s strategy when hiring Captains is to invest in their long-term wellbeing. This means training them on their day to day services as well as beyond the car. To ensure this is successful, the company has created a special Captain Experience team dedicated to understanding the needs of Captains across the network.

Johan Persson, VP of Captain Experience, stated:

At Careem, we’re crazy about Captains and so, we practice treating our Captains like our customers. This is why we have a specific app for them that is different from the customer app, which allows them to accept rides, rate passengers and request for on-demand help. We also have Captain operation centres in all our major cities which serves as a hub for Captain trainings, problem solving and feedback and dedicated 24/7 protection through our all centers – no other ride-hailing company in the region does that! Our aim is to simplify and improve the lives of people, especially our Captains and so we try to provide them with trainings and programs (based on their feedback) that will enrich their lives.

As part of its commitment to safety and security, Careem also provides its Captains with health insurance schemes and inride insurance.

“In the past six years, our Captains have taken passengers on more than 310 million trips with a total driven distance of over 6.6 billion kilometres – that’s the equivalent of to the moon almost 18000 times which is an integral value of ours here at Careem – going above and beyond for our Captains so that they take care of our 24 million users across our 14 countries and provide them with the best possible service,” Mudassir Sheikha continued. “We are thankful to our Captains for bringing our mission to life everyday and are excited to open up more job opportunities as far 10and wide as we can in this region we call home.”

The company looks forward to their next target of welcoming 20,000 Captainahs on their platform by 2020. Captain Faisal Saleh from Hail in Saudi Arabia was the one-millionth person to sign up to Careem.

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