Jazz Has the Fastest Mobile Network in Pakistan in Ookla’s Speed Test

The Speedtest® award from Ookla® goes to Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company. Ookla, an independent global leader in internet testing analyzed tests from a large sample of genuine mobile users in Pakistan, and found Jazz to be significantly ahead of its competitor telecom networks.

Jazz is the country’s fastest mobile network. This is significant because not only is Jazz the largest operator of the country, but also has the largest mobile internet user base of over 20 million customers. Now, as Pakistan’s fastest data network provider, Jazz consistently looks to offer subscribers the best online experience.

CEO of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim said about the Speedtest award,

“When a global leader such as Ookla, recognizes Jazz’s efforts to ensure that mobile communications technology remains at par with global standards, we consider it a huge win. We have always been committed to enabling users of our data services to upgrade their lifestyle for all things online.”

“With millions of tests taken using Speedtest every day, Ookla has developed a robust and comprehensive view of worldwide internet performance. It is our pleasure to recognize Jazz as the fastest data network in Pakistan based on our rigorous analysis. This award is a testament to the Telco’s exceptional performance, as experienced by their own customers during Q1 and Q2,” said Jamie Steven, Executive Vice President of Ookla.

Pakistan’s fastest network by a huge margin

The analysis by Ookla is based on an analysis of over 700,000 user-initiated tests carried out nationwide. The findings recorded from mobile tests with the Speedtest® app during the first half of 2018 resulted in Jazz achieving a Speed ScoreTM of 17.03, whereas the average score for other competing networks was 9.32.

Jazz’s best-in-class mobile experience

Jazz lives up to subscribers’ demands with an ambition to roll-out the latest services and products, and a fast, reliable data network spanning the length and breadth of the country are reasons why the mobile operator is the network of choice for over 55 million subscribers and has the highest number of mobile internet users at over 20 million customers.

  • well this is not correct, but i knowledge that jazz bas lowest latency, which means website address resolve much quicker

  • Based on my experience Jazz has worst experience in Karachi central specially. I never suggest people to go with Jazz 4G.

  • Seems like a paid award.. Zong 4G is the fastest in Pakistan.. Though i am a jazz 4g user but it is not the fastest one for sure.

  • Ookla also offered Zong that if they pay an amount to ookla (a few millions) then Zong can use ooklas name to brand there internet as fastest. But Zong being a chinese kanjoos company, refused to pay haha.
    But it looks like Jazz made a deal with Ookla. Good move for their internet branding.

  • brand loyalty is absurd!
    because we don’t want to see our brand go down, we make assumptions and strange ideas. plus this stupid thing which requires to believe everything is paid or bribed or purchased.

  • I’m a regular Jazz user. On Average I get 40 Megabits per second which is by an unprecedented margin, the highest I ever got by any of other operators.

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