IT Minister Says Pakistan Could Launch 5G Services in 2019

Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, hinted at introducing 5G (5th Generation) services next year, saying it would attract huge foreign investment.

The country has already been successfully experiencing 3G and 4G mobile broadband technology, with the number of users increasing with each passing day.

“We need to introduce more innovative services in mobile broadband arena not only to facilitate the consumers but also to attract precious foreign investment and meet modern requirements,” he said in an exclusive talk with APP after planting a sapling at National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) Headquarters.

Dr. Khalid Maqbool kicked off Plant for Pakistan campaign at NTC under which 5000 plants will be planted at its different sites throughout the country.

Managing Director NTC Brig (r) Viqar Rashid Khan and other senior officers of NTC were also present on the occasion.

Replying to a question, the Minister said, “The world is changing very swiftly and to compete with other nations we need to adopt new technologies.”

Expressed the hope keeping in view the importance of IT sector in Pakistan, he said foreign companies would approach themselves to launch the modern 5G service.

The foreign companies are also interested to invest in Pakistan which is a huge market for foreign investors and the 5th largest free-lancing country in the globe.

When asked about priorities of the new government, he said,

“We will take with all good initiatives taken by previous regimes while shortcomings would also be addressed. Our basic objective is to produce results which should be beneficial both for players and consumers.”

“We would start new project that were supposed to be initiated by the previous governments,” he said, regretting that the country can attract more investments in case IT sector has been effectively focused.

Replying to another question, the Minister said, we will talk to concern authorities to rationalize the tax on Telco’s and telecommunication companies.

It is our responsibility to ensure transparency in all ministries and departments and also enhance the capacity of department working under ministry of information Technology and Telecommunication, he added.

  • He has the specialties in kidnapping and extortion money. Better give him suitable task. why IT has been targeted. :)

  • Mark my words. The first south Asian nation to get 5G will be Bangladesh. These politicians are just building castles in air.

      • Maybe according to you my name is hope less and my “baatain” are also hopeless. If by commenting like this you get peace, then may Allah grant you that. اللہ آپ پر رحم کرے

        • The first south Asian nation to get 5G will be India.
          India Already tested 5G network trial.
          5G spectrum auction within 6months.
          5G spectrum auction price already announced.

  • Khalid maqbool ko IT minister bana kr imran ne IT ka satya nass krana ka irada pakka kr leya hai. Yeh extortionist ka IT sector se kia kam bhaye.

  • The Ministerial indication of 5G a positive political statement. What happened with 4G, with QOS for the entire network of Pakistan is hopeless, with jammers still in place at Central Prison Karachi. Quality of Service indicators are the service is measured by an international rated company specialising worldwide. They will come and provide true picture to the regulatory authority and respective institutions with ITU, Geneva linkages. Most of the 3G/4G operators/service providers have closed offices, outsourcing all after sale service, support thru accredited franchises, which are not capable to do anything at all. Huge demand for new phone number by majority population is buying handseets for 4G, or 3G, the grey market, and the white market. Please improve the quality of 3G/4G services, and than announce 5G. as trails are being conducted worldwide for 5G, with some network provider companies are in secure for national security declared in Australia and other countries. I hope all is taken cared of.

  • The entire world only got two phones with 5g enabled capability and even they will not come out until 2019 and this btch wants to introduce 5g in Pakistan?

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