Homeshopping Celebrates Pakistan’s 53rd Defence Day at the Naval Shipyard Karachi

Defence Day is a reminder of the many lives sacrificed in the way of defending the borders of Pakistan. This year, decided to set a new precedent and launched a six day long Defence Day campaign in honor of the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The event kick started on the 1st of September 2018 with the idea of commending the decades of services of Pakistan’s forces. While businesses across Pakistan came up with exciting offers and deals for the occasion, Homeshopping used their social media platform to cultivate an environment of positivity and allowed their customers to be directly involved with them in the celebrations.

Customers were able to personally buy gifts from Homeshopping’s website for the Pakistan Airforce, Army and Navy. They were also given the opportunity to write personal notes to express their gratitude and affection for our forces’ loyal service to the nation. There was a wide range of products for the customers to choose from, which included power banks, headphones, smart watches, phones and much more.

“Even though initially, we faced some challenges in conveying what the campaign aspired to achieve, soon we received an overwhelming response from our customers who were ecstatic to send gifts and food from their end as well. However, since this was our first initiative of this kind, we kept the gift selection limited to our website,” Sehrish Syed – Head of Marketing.

The really exciting part about the campaign for the team, was the large number of gifts that were received from all parts of Pakistan by the Eve of Defence Day; they stayed overnight to pack these gifts and attach the handwritten notes that people had sent alongside.

On the day of the 53rd Defence Day, the Homeshopping team gathered at the Naval Shipyard, Karachi, to personally deliver the packages on behalf of the customers. The Chief Commander also delivered a speech on this momentous occasion. “It was a heartwarming experience to share this day with the Armed Forces, understanding their struggles and being able to share our feelings of gratitude with them. We knew that our nation is generous, but through this campaign we were able to truly experience this positive nationalism and philanthropy,” Shayaan Tahir – Founder and CEO.