Enablers.pk Teaches You How to Build an Amazon Business from Pakistan

The Seattle-based online retail giant, Amazon, recently became the only second company in the world to be valued at $1 trillion. The company started its operations in 1994 and since then, it has amassed a large audience.

Amazon has various sellers, which help the company amass a large customer base through their wide range of product options. So, how exactly can sellers from Pakistan take advantage of Amazon? Through Enablers!

Enablers.pk is an organization which help all the interested parties sell their product on Amazon. Enablers.pk recently organized events all across Pakistan to provide step by step training about the potential of selling on Amazon. Not only that but the company has also trained hundreds of students in online and offline events.

Those who are interested and willing to start their online international business on Amazon from Pakistan can enroll and join the upcoming event called Build Amazon Business from Pakistan.

Face to Face Training, Improved to Take Advantage of the Biggest Opportunities

Saqib Azhar, CEO of Enablers, who is an Overseas British Pakistani, claims that “We’ve spent time re-working, refining, tweaking, and upgrading best practices to make it better than ever. The brand new, never-before-seen – How to make money with Amazon FBA is the best version yet”.

Saqib Azhar has 15+ years of experience in Information Technology. He Worked as a Consultant for companies in UK, Middle east and other parts of the world.

Follow along to experience what Saqib does to build his thriving business, selling on one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon.com!

He now wants to share his knowledge to bring a positive change in Pakistan, to encourage people to start their own multi-million online international business.

Even if you’ve never sold on Amazon before, Enablers can, and will, teach you:

  • Setting up Amazon FBA Account from Pakistan
  • How to find red hot product opportunities on Amazon
  • How to find high-quality suppliers for any product from anywhere in the world
  • The simple process to creating your own brand for any product you sell
  • The secret to crafting the perfect Amazon product page
  • New system for launching products to the top of Amazon and beating big name brands in less than a week
  • How to nearly automate the entire logistics of this business using Amazon’s own resources
  • How and when to scale this business by growing your brand with additional products
  • Everything in the brand new program is completely new and contains what’s working right now on Amazon.

The One day of Luxury Amazon Business training Class

The 1-day of training and lifetime support from enablers has taught people from all around Pakistan, most with little to NO prior business experience, how to build a THRIVING business.

Module 1, you learn which Amazon marketplace to start with, exactly how to get set up to sell on Amazon, the 7 elements of a HOT opportunity, products to absolutely AVOID, the Perfect Product Selection System, the FULL Product Selection Criteria, creating your HOT product opportunity list, and how to narrow your opportunity list down to the absolute BEST products.

Module 2, you discover how much you make from every sale on Amazon, all about PRODUCT TUNING, the guaranteed way to make easier sales, the 3-Step Simple Sourcing System, finding and contacting suppliers like a pro, and getting samples for your top product opportunity.

Module 3, you learn what to do once your samples arrive, how to choose the BEST supplier AND get the HIGHEST profit margins, the Amazing Brand Name Creation Process, the Rapid Amazon Listing Setup Method, Automatic List-Building with Package Inserts, shipping by sea and air, and placing your first inventory order.

Module 4, you discover the exact steps to take to prepare for massive launch success, creating your global brand image with a brand website, setting up your automatic list-building funnel.

Module 5, we show you how to create an irresistible Amazon product page with the Perfect Product Page system including strategic keyword research, creating a traffic-grabbing product title, crafting bullet points that SELL, closing the sale with a compelling product description, and bringing your product to life with high-quality product images. You also learn how to strategically PRICE your product for maximum sales and profit, AND how to get automatic Amazon product reviews with the perfect email autoresponder series.

Module 6, it’s time to LAUNCH your product to the top of Amazon with the brand-new, advanced LAUNCH AND RANK system! You learn how to get your first product reviews no matter where you live in the world and how to use Amazon coupons, Amazon advertising, and a few other powerful traffic platforms to skyrocket your product up in the Amazon rankings.

Module 7, you take your sales to the NEXT LEVEL with the advanced marketing system and powerful traffic tools. You learn how to advertise on Amazon like an expert, how to produce sales with a little-known secret advertising system only a fraction of Amazon Sellers know about, how to setup your Raving Fan Customer Service System, and how to measure and scale your business profits.

Module 8, you learn how to dramatically SCALE your business the right way. We show you how to leverage the brand you’ve built and customers you’ve acquired to double, triple, and even quadruple your business multiple times per year by strategically adding additional products to your brand. You can EASILY multiply the success of your business by doing this the RIGHT way and you learn everything in the last module of the web class!


Q) What if I don’t live in the USA?
A) No problem! We have members that sell on Amazon from over 100 different countries. No matter where you live in the world, you can do this business

Q) Do I have to sign up right now or can I wait?
A) Doors are open for a very limited time. You need to grab your spot now to secure your training . If you wait, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to change your life forever.

Q) What other costs or expenses are there to do this business?
A) With the Private Resource Vault, we’ve tried to secure free access to everything you need to build this business using our credibility and authority in the market.

Q) How much time do I need to spend building this business to make it work?
A) In the beginning, you can expect to spend about an hour a day following our training and taking the steps we tell you to take to build your business.

Q) How do I join?
Enroll from here: Amazon Business to complete the secure registration form. one of our Enablers member will be in touch to verify some information before we officially register you for this training program.

Check out their latest events highlights pictures on their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Your success is going to depend on how closely you follow the training, how hard you work, and a variety of other factors. But, you know that by using Amazon, you are using the most successful program ever created to fast track your way to success.

    • The title and content of the post above is a bit misleading. It’s not selling anything on Amazon, instead, it’s all about affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s stuff. When someone buys from your link, you make profit. The only stuff Pakistanis can sell on Amazon are probably E-Books, nothing more. And the only things Pakistanis can buy are also E-Books and Books.

  • Yeh fraud hai, agar fraud nahi hai to koi aik Amazon shop ka link share karo jis ka business address Pakistan ka aa raha ho. Nahi share kar payo gay q k aap log Pakistani awam ko amazon k nam pey loot rahey ho.

    • O bhai r u in ur sense ?

      Why would someone give pakistani address ?

      There are many sellers from pakistan selling on amazon.

      Jab kuch peta na ho tu bola na kro

      • Mutlab pehlay aap uk/usa mai koi banda talash karo, us k nam sey company registered karo, phir company k nam sey Amazon pey account open karo. Asey hi hai beta jee.

        Aap keh rahey ho k kafi Pakistani Amazon pey business kar rahey hai, kesi aik ki shop ka url send kar do, Nahi share karo gey.

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        Ab aap log koi aik seller id share kar do jo Pakistan sey amazon pey business kar raha ho.

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          • Bro, aap ki tone hi bata rahi hai k aap Fraud ho. apni website k Amazon page pey koi Pakistani ka bhi testimonial share kar do, pata to chaley koi Pakistan amazon pey business kar raha hai.

  • I have a question and need a simple answer.

    For example, if I have special herbs or seeds to sell, then how it is possible to send products to Amazon store? So, when customer orders, the products are sent to them by Amazon.

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