Malik Riaz Ordered to Pay Rs 1 Trillion for Encroaching on Govt-Owned Land in Islamabad

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Saqib Nisar told the business tycoon Malik Riaz to pay Rs 1000 billion (Rs 1 trillion) for encroaching government land in Islamabad on the next hearing of Margalla Hills deforestation case.

Please arrange for Rs1,000 billion before the next hearing.

The top judge on Wednesday, during the hearing of a case, was told that the Bahria Enclave in Islamabad rested on a national park, which is a government-owned land.

Upon hearing CJP’s remarks, Bahria Town’s owner claimed that he doesn’t even have Rs 100 billion, saying that “even the United States won’t have that much money”.

Saqib Nisar asked him that if Malik Riaz doesn’t have money who does. ‘You have the money of the entire country’ he added.

‘Bahria Enclave has occupied much of the government land. What is happening in Bahria Town?’

The court’s proceedings were adjourned until the next hearing which will take place on October 01. Malik Riaz requested the CJP to give him 20 minutes to speak, following which Saqib Nisar remarked that his case will be heard next month on October 01.

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  • #WhatATimeToBeAlive ….. Baba rahmta al maroof Whatsapp justice going full on bonkers in his last days………. FUN TIMES AHEAD NASHUN……. :D

  • Please arrange for Rs1,000 billion before the next hearing…..
    a casual remark

    ordered to pay

    they aren’t equal bhai… had hotee hey chick bait kee bhee which propakistani certainly doesnt know.

  • Very sad to hear that the land was meant for a national park.
    Apart from Riaz, those CDA officials who connived should also be hanged in public. Riaz couldn’t do it without bribing them heavily.

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