Facebook Messenger to Get a Simpler User Interface

Facebook announced a couple months ago that it’s going to remove clutter from the Messenger app and simplify its UI.

The app is known to have a multitude of features, some of which end up causing performance issues and bugs for its users. Now, the company is finally testing a newer, more simple UI that removes a number of shortcuts and fancy buttons that are not used by most users.

The app is also getting a proper dark mode and a new streamlined interface. This new update is only available to some of the users, however. According to an Android Police report, the update is a server-side change so it has not been rolled out to the app stores just yet.

New UI Revealed

A user has shared some screenshots after getting the update, that show the new UI in action. Take a look for yourself below:

As you can see from the pictures above, some of the tabs have been removed from the bottom of the screen. In the new UI, users will just have three tabs: chats, contacts, and an explore tab, similar to Instagram. All the features that are irrelevant to messaging have been moved to a single tab on the right.


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It’ll include games, nearby businesses and other shortcuts so that they don’t come in the way of your chatting experience. All in all, the UI has been cleaned up making things easier to find. Performance issues, bugs, and other problems have also been fixed to make Messenger an all-rounded app.

That much is expected of a messaging app which is used by billions of monthly active users. Other features that Facebook teased earlier, such as dark mode have not been shown in the screenshots.

As the update has already made to the internet, we might get to see an official announcement from Facebook soon.

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