Govt Launches Dedicated Account on Twitter to Fight Fake News

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is set to combat fake news on social media with its new Twitter account, titled ‘FakeNewsBusterMoIB’.

As per the instructions of Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, this account has been created to point out social media posts with false information. Aside from posting false information on its homepage, the account will also “identify the users who spread fake news and requests will be made to take action against them”.

To ensure that people are following the correct account, Twitter users should check for the verification from the ministry’s official website (, on this page. Many unofficial and fake versions of the government’s new Twitter account have already popped up to mislead users, so make sure you follow the original one with the username @FakeNews_Buster.

In an age where we get to see edited images of people and places, that often keep circulating the web, the government’s initiative is a step in the right direction.



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Busting Fake News

The account’s first tweet talks about the Maleeka Bokhari case, by posting her tweet:

Another tweet that was posted around 15 hours ago (from the time of writing) is pointing out another attempt of a user to spread faux propaganda:

FakeNewsBuster went live on Twitter almost a month after the information minister said that a single government committee would be formed to oversee social media in Pakistan.

As digital citizens, it is also up to us to verify our facts and news before forwarding an image or text that may have misleading information to other people. However, one also hopes that the government exercises its responsibility in combating fake news.


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  • The worst part of twitter is that as soon as this account was launched, many similar look-a-like fake accounts were also launched, adding to the irony. This accounts needs to have “verified” on twitter to be able to present itself as original account.
    I commend this move by the government and hope this curbs the fake news trend at social media.

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