Instagram is Back After a Brief But Worldwide Outage

Instagram stopped working today for a number of users, as the app refused to load its news feed and profiles.

Users were greeted by a pre-loaded screen of an outdated post, and for some reason, the app could not connect to Instagram’s servers to load new posts.

It seems like the server was down, though it started working after a couple of minutes. The web version of Instagram also failed to load, showing a “5xx Server Error” instead.

Inter-company Crisis

Interestingly, these problems have started soon after Instagram’s founders left the company. The Facebook-owned image sharing social network has changed significantly after its acquisition. According to rumors, the two founders left Instagram because they had a disagreement with Facebook on how the social network should be run.


Facebook and Instagram Get Tools to Limit Your Time on the Apps

Recently, Facebook faced a major hack, in which profiles of 50 million users were compromised. The hackers managed to gain access to Facebook’s login tokens, which can let the hackers get into the profiles of other connected accounts, including Instagram.

Privacy Concerns

And this is not the first time a Facebook-acquired subsidiary has had disagreements with its parent company. Previously, WhatsApp’s founder also left the company because he disagreed with Facebook’s privacy policies.

However, there’s no indication yet that today’s outage is related to any of the aforementioned problems. It seems more like a technical fault than a bigger issue. The network is one of the most visited websites in the world, with more than a billion monthly active users. Some businesses rely solely on Instagram for their day-to-day work as well.

Its outage makes a much bigger impact than you’d think.

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