Samsung’s First 8K TV Will Cost You a Whopping $15,000

A large number of people may have declared 8K TVs a bit of an overkill when it comes to their requirements at this point, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from getting its first lineup ready for pre-orders already.

The company is putting its 85-inch 8K TV for pre-order, and it costs exactly what you’d expect: $15,000. The 8K TV launched by the South Korean giant is being offered as part of Samsung’s QLED TV lineup.

For sure, there are other 82″, 75″ and 65″ 8K TV options, some of whom will likely take the price to below $10,000. However, if you have what it takes to invest in an 8K TV lineup right now, the new 85″ Q900R is the only option available to you.

While the biggest concern for 8K TV buyers today will undoubtedly be the lack of supported content, Samsung says that its TVs can let you get around that issue through its “8K AI Upscaling” technology. This tech can upscale regular video content into 8K, using Samsung’s new Quantum Processor 8K. However, with no 8K-capable channels to watch yet, it will be some time before it is ready for prime time.

Also, the TV supports Ambient Mode, which allows your TV to blend into the wall behind it by displaying a pattern when not in use. It can also act as a hub for your smart home.

Finally, the TVs are replete with all the modern features you’d expect from similar products. There’s Direct Full Array, which better dissipates brightness by targeting each individual pixel as the need arises.

Further, the TV uses just a single HDMI 2.1 cable for both data and power, which shows how far the standard has come in terms of sophistication.

4K TV prices have seemingly become affordable recently, which makes the technology much more accessible to the average Joe. It may be a while before 8K gets to that point, though.

Image: CNet

  • Naru-hudo

    15k for an 8k

    • 15K ??? PKR / DOLLAR ?

      • Muhammad Areeb

        bhai aap k liye pkr kar dein ge..

      • Muhammad Kamran

        Hosh mi aao. Ye TCL 32″ nai hai. wo b shai 15k mi na mily

  • Muhammad Areeb

    buy from china they are giving 12k in 50000pkr

    • Muhammad Kamran

      aisy comment karny si pehly choolo bar pani doond lo

      • Muhammad Areeb

        same goes for you

        • Muhammad Kamran

          why same goes to me. Thori bht research ki hoti, to aisy comments na dhethy. Dhakan do you know how much cost on QLed technology?. ap mujy IPS tv is price mi ly ka aao,

          • Muhammad Areeb

            ab jaise dhakan logon ko aik joke bhi samaj nai aata

            • Muhammad Kamran

              Or aisi jokes ki waja si tere ye halath hai. ye tere hala ka ghar ni, jo mou otai jo b kih dea. Ye fourm sari dunya dheki hai. Thori soch samaj hoti, to ab b sharminda hoty apny comments pi, instead of protecting it

              • Muhammad Areeb

                aap k ilawa sari dunya ko aqal hai. unhe pata hai k joke aur sarcasm kia hota hai. pata nai aap jaise critics iss dunya main kese rehte hain.
                go find a better job

  • Muhammad Kamran

    hmm 4k purchase karny k baad recover nai ho rahy, or inho ni 8k introduce kar li. To be honest I did not found any 4k entertainment channel in my subscription. its only beneficial for 4k gaming. and hope 8k will take atleast 2, 3 years

    • Faheem Ud Din

      Netflix produces a lot of content in 4k. Plus you can purchase tons of 4k supported content from iTunes.

      • Muhammad Kamran

        I am asking about live TV. no body can watch movies all the time