Pakistan Ambassador to Italy Faces Probe over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Italy Nadeem Riaz is facing an inquiry over sexual harassment allegations.

Sources said a female commercial attaché at the Embassy in Italy accused the diplomat of sexually harassing her time and again.

They said that the female official has also moved to the federal ombudsman’s office against Riaz over the alleged harassment.

Foreign Officer Spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal also confirmed the complaint against the diplomat and ongoing inquiry against him.

He said that an inquiry is ongoing against the envoy on the complaint of the female embassy official.


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Reports said that the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection against Harassment of Women at Work Place was moved against the alleged harassment.

As per the complainant, the ambassador directed her to travel with him to places unrelated to her job.

The complaint said the ambassador called the complainant to his office and relayed to her that he understands the nature and plight of being a single woman and invited her to visit him in his room anytime if she wishes to. As per the complaint, Riaz told her that he is single and divorced and shared with her his divorce story.

However, the complainant was sexually harassed time and again and the working environment was made hostile.
The complainant also accused Riaz of trying to get in uncomfortable proximity with the complainant while showing official presentations.

The commercial attache said after such humiliating and hostile working environment, she sent a number of complaints to the Ministry of Commerce from May 2017 to June 2018.

The official said she filed complaints before the departmental authorities, but to no avail and the issue remained unresolved.


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Taking notice of the complaint, Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has written a letter to the Foreign Affairs secretary to investigate the matter and report back immediately.

The matter is currently sub-judice with the Ombudsman. While the commerce division is responding to the ombudsman, the Foreign Office did not report the matter to the women harassment department.

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