9 Reasons Why OPPO F9 Edges Out its Rivals

2018 has seen a lot of groundbreaking products with smartphone manufacturers trying their best to score a best-selling smartphone of their own by delivering all the essential features in one smartphone. OPPO, being a prime example, has released F7, FIND X and F9 and all three have been successful in their respective price segments.

OPPO F9 has already made its mark in the smartphone industry and is among the most popular mid-range smartphones in Pakistan. Here are 9 reasons why the F9 is selling like hotcakes in the country:

  1. VOOC Flash Charge

Unlike other brands that are making slimmer phones by compromising on battery life, OPPO F9 is there for you when you need your phone the most. With the F9, OPPO has introduced VOOC flash charge technology which can get you 2 hours of talk time with just a 5-minute charge.

To put things in perspective, if a standard charger is able to charge the battery up to 100 percent in 200 minutes, fast charging can do it in 150 minutes while VOOC Flash Charge manages it in 100 minutes.

The VOOC flash charger has the most number of patents in fast charging technology, which also explains why it has become the best choice of millions of consumers. You would think that this fast charging tech might have some limitations, however, OPPO paid special attention towards safety. Backing up the safety guarantee is VOOC’s five layers of protection which ensures your phone doesn’t heat or damaged while charging.

  1. Gradient Design

OPPO F9 uses a gorgeous gradient color design, iterating on OPPO’s design-first approach, as seen in the Find X. This design was made possible thanks to technological advances in color processing, while gradient colors in the market are already popular among youngsters.

Previously, smartphone design used flat color profiles, which is considered dull or static while with OPPO’s gradient design, now users can show off their personality and attitude. OPPO F9 also features the gradient design on the sides, giving the phone a unified look.

As for the color options, sunrise red is inspired by sunlight, twilight blue color by the evening twilight and the new edition the starry purple F9 is inspired by the night skies.

  1. Corning Gorilla Glass 6

OPPO F9 includes the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection on both the front and the back, ensuring that it survives everyday drops with ease.

You do get an extra silicon cover in the box for added protection but those who don’t want to ruin the look of their phone can rest assured that the F9 won’t shatter easily.

  1. Water-Drop Notch

Unlike other devices with a big notch covering almost 90 percent of top screen area, Oppo F9 uses the tiniest notch in the market, popularly known as the “water-drop notch” as it looks like a water-drop. This not only improves the overall immersion while using the phone, it also ensures a premium look, rivaling flagship phones.

  1. Dual Rear Camera

Being known as the selfie-expert, OPPO has once again delivered an impressive camera set up with 16MP+2MP dual cameras on the back. You can snap photos with 2x zoom and bokeh effect as well as HDR for an extra oomph. The portrait mode gives a perfect natural blur effect and in low light, the camera scores above expectations.

  1. Processor

The F9 is powered by a MediaTek MT6771 Helio P60 CPU processor with 4GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The phone has decent benchmark scores with a smooth and lag-free experience. The apps launch fast, and you can multitask with ease thanks to 4 GB RAM.  Considering the price bracket of the device, it can be easily used as a daily driver and can smoothly run heavy games like PUBG, Asphalt 9, etc.

  1. ColorOS 5.2

People who have used OPPO phones before and those who are familiar with “ColorOS” will find operating the F9 easy.

OPPO F9 runs Android 8.1 Oreo straight out of the box with a ColorOS 5.2 skin which allows users to customize their home screen icons, navigation and notification panels, adding wallpapers and themes as they like.

ColorOS 5.2 allows you to hide the navigation buttons and use gestures instead of on-screen buttons, similar to the OPPO F7.

  1. Large Display

The F9 features a 6.3-inch IPS FHD+ LCD display with 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution with an earpiece above the notch at the very edge where the display meets the top frame. This allows the phone to hit a whopping 90.8% screen-body aspect ratio, even higher than the Apple iPhone-X, up there with other flagship smartphones that come at twice the price.

The notch only houses a single selfie camera giving the user more area to play or watch their favorite shows on.

  1. 25MP Selfie camera

It houses a 25MP selfie camera in the water-drop notch, with tons of features which can be used for fun or for capturing professional looking shots.

You can get Snapchat or Instagram ready shots right from the front camera and you can use various stickers to add a fun element in your pictures.

You can also use portrait mode for selfies despite having a single camera on the OPPO F9.

Concluding It All

For a phone at Rs. 39,999 for the 4 GB RAM variant and Rs. 44,999 for the 6 GB one, OPPO F9 is a great choice as it has all essential features in it. With VOOC flash charge, you don’t need to worry about your phone dying out on you during work or traveling hours. With an elegant gradient color design, VOOC flash charge, Gorilla Glass 6 protection, OPPO F9 is a complete package for you in this price segment.

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