M Mannan Steps Down as TCS CEO and President

M.A Mannan has stepped down as the CEO and President of TCS Holdings, reportedBranding In Asia.”

In his place, Salman Akram, who is part of the company’s Retail, Marketing, and Corporate Sales divisions, has assumed the office of the CEO herewith.

Mr. Mannan will be keeping his position on the TCS Holdings board.

According to “Branding in Asia”, Mr. Mannan cited personal commitments as the reason why he stepped down.

He also believes that the company needs fresh ideas to keep up with the company’s expansion plans & in discovering new business opportunities.

The company’s spokesperson issued a statement to the news website as following,

“In view of Mr. M.A. Mannan’s personal commitments and TCS’ expanding business opportunities ahead, the Board of Directors of TCS Holdings has unanimously decided that the company’s leadership needs fresh impetus, therefore, Mr. Mannan has relinquished his position as the President & CEO, but will continue to be a part of the TCS Holdings Board.”

“Mr. Akram has assumed his new position in association with the foregoing change in an orderly transition,” said the statement.

It is pertinent to mention here that TCS Holdings owns Pakistan’s ‘largest logistics services infrastructure, through seven companies in the fields of Courier, Warehousing & Distribution, Trucking, Air and Sea freight as well as E-commerce,’ as part of their business-to-business services.

TCS also provides ‘an array of customer services’ ranging from Travel and Visa Services to Concierge Services and Gifts-Delivery.

Moreover, the company owns the patent for a Supply Chain Advisory service that provides ‘customized solutions to corporate customers’, which includes the provision of project management for customers who want to outsource non-core activities.

The company owns 900 retail outlets across the country and runs several projects under its name.

via BrandinginAsia

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