foodpanda Crosses 5000 Restaurant Milestone After 6 Years in Pakistan

foodpanda began delivering on-demand food in Pakistan six years ago but the growth in the past year has been particularly exceptional. The company has achieved the impressive feat of crossing the milestone of five thousand restaurants in the inventory nationwide.


Starting operations in 2012 with only a hundred restaurants, foodpanda has managed to scale up by carefully connecting restaurants with customers. The very first nationwide brands to deliver from the platform were KFC & Subway followed by McDonald’s in 2015 and Pizza Hut in 2017.

The strong business development team at foodpanda has been working rigorously to expand their footprint in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and several other local cities. To be exact, almost 3000 new restaurants were added to foodpanda in 2018 only, providing customers with more dining options than ever before, right at their fingertips!

Concisely, in a short period of six years, foodpanda has been able to cater to more than a million hungry foodies with 5000 restaurants, offering as much as 39 types of cuisines with 25000+ menu items to choose from.

Congratulating foodpanda, Raza Pirbhai from KFC said,

I thank foodpanda for all these years of partnership we have fostered together. They have helped our business grow immensely and it’s great knowing that we have such an accomplished partner in our extended family. Congratulations on this fantastic milestone and I am sure this is just the beginning of it!

Mohsin Qureshi, Head of Sales at foodpanda said,

We believe in building strong relationships with our partner restaurants. Since on-boarding, our Partner Care team works closely with all restaurants and extend 24/7 support to international chains to local street food vendors alike. Together we set standards for food quality, packaging and delivery time and ensure that quality service is provided to customers against the set benchmarks to deliver a WOW experience!

Moreover, foodpanda operates a fleet of 1000+ riders across six cities that delivers food from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery service- which accounts to be 40% of the restaurants on their platform. These include cafes, professional restaurant kitchens, local street food vendors and even home-based eateries. Over the years, these partner restaurants have grown to depend on foodpanda delivery to reach out to an entirely fresh pool of customers in the most cost-effective manner with the best delivery time and quality.

By providing such world-class service, foodpanda is not only developing a culture of sophisticated culinary habits but also creating sustainable employment opportunities for many in industries like restaurants, food supply, home-grown food businesses, logistics and technology creating a positive socio-economic impact across Pakistan.


Speaking about achieving this milestone, foodpanda CEO, Mr. Nauman Sikandar Mirza said:

I feel proud to see how foodpanda has been disruptive for the restaurant industry in Pakistan. Small neighbourhood restaurants and street food vendors who started out by using pen and paper to take orders are now using an automated process to drive more orders for their businesses. And for the already established chains, foodpanda has proved to be an extraordinary platform to reach out to new customers and generate millions in additional revenue.

The company aims to establish strategic and long-term relationships with each partner restaurant and double the number of restaurants to the platform in the next year, he added.


  • I’m impressed to note the 3000 new restaurants, 2500plus menus item to choose from Mr Mohsin Qureshi Head Sales, and Mr. Nauman Sikandar Mirza CEO Food Panda. Your market share, your sponsored article 1st comment appreciation etc., etc. I will identify yourselves a unique lead for food delivery service each day food for individual who’s hungry, food who’s without any money, and who sits down on the road which encroached on foot path of the city.
    Sir the honorable Mayor KMC and the honorable Police who has started taking action to remove these encroachments in Karachi, and will continue.
    Yourselves, organisation for providing food delivery service may contact the philanthropies in Karachi which are not many to obtain food delivery for the poor people at their place of living, either foot path, a tree, or a pedestrian bridge, or a shadow of a tree many, many.
    I’m sure the philanthropies as Eidhi, Seylani, etc., etc., are very generous, to provide food to thousand of people, and how your organisation can play a role to do it better, and in style. This way you may maintain the dignity of Mufta Diners, farters, to maintain dignity, or find a place which may also be provided for a shelter house by some place in the outskirts of the city.
    This may also be a part of CSR for your food delivery business, and a service to poor diner.
    I pray for wellness of the the donors, and the diners, and Food Panda. May Allah Bless us.

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