Moqaam is a Complete Platform for Job Seekers & Employers in Pakistan

Unemployment is one of the most serious social issues faced by not only the developing but also developed nations. Similarly, Pakistan also faces major problems when it comes to eliminating unemployment.

In 2002, the unemployment rate in Pakistan reached an all-time high of 7.80 percent. As per the latest report issued in 2016, the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 5.9 percent.

Today, the internet has changed many aspects of our lives and it has helped jobseekers across the globe find new avenues of income. Job portals in Pakistan have also made a huge impact.

Moqaam — A Different Approach

Traditional job portals in Pakistan, provide a very obsolete approach to all the jobseeker, which is similar to many of the international job portals.

Every portal is resume or CV based. Job seekers create their resumes and CVs and upload them on various portals and try to impress an employer from it. However Moqaam, on top of providing the same facility, enables all the candidates to record a Video profile alongside, which can exponentially increase their chances for selection.

So how exactly does it help job seekers and the recruiters? Let’s take a deeper look into it.

  • Moqaam For Job Seekers

All job seekers need to realize that irrespective of all their qualifications and qualities, Resumes and CVs are just a piece of paper which will convey a limited amount of information to the employer.

Many a times, job seekers want a call for an interview where they can showcase their true capabilities. Through Moqaam, job seekers can now record a video profile of up to three minutes where they can express themselves better. This will make all the likeable candidates stand out even more and hopefully, a job offer may follow next because “there is more to a candidate than what a CV or Resume portrays.”

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  • Moqaam For Employers & Recruiters

How often have you been in a position where you have shortlisted a candidate by looking at their Resume and CV and when they turn up for the interview, they are nothing what you expected?

Every employer and recruiter has been in that position and it is, in short, a complete waste of time. To overcome this hurdle, recruiters can view the video profile of all the candidates and judge for themselves. The video profile can account for fluency, confidence and their way of communication, attitude and various other factors.

This is a priceless method through which not only the recruiters will save their time but also the job seekers.

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More Features!

  • Robust Job Booster: Through this, employers can get their job openings viral on LinkedIn and Twitter using their Own Employees Social Media Power.
  • Job Application Filter: Job applications can be filtered through various filters to save time.
  • Screening through Video Profile: Recruiters can screen possible candidate by simply viewing their Video profiles along with their resume.
  • 30 Day Job Listing: All the jobs listed by employers will be viewed for a massive 30-day period.

Free Trial Package!

Moqaam is offering a free 30-day trial package for all the potential Employers. This will help people to get accustomed to how the website operates and whether or not it will be beneficial for them, which it surely will be.

In the 30 days, the users will be able to avail the following things with Moqaam:

  • 3 job posting credits in Career section
  • 1 premium job posting
  • Job application forum
  • CV database search
  • Screening through 3-minute video profile recordings.
  • Robust job booster to make your job opening viral on LinkedIn and Twitter

There is no denying that Moqaam is bringing a unique aspect to job portals. For further conviction, take a look at what Moqaam users are saying about the company. You yourself can also become a member by clicking here.

Employer’s Take on Moqaam:

  • Saima Khan, Head of Talent & Development

  • Salman Virani, Senior Manager HR at Lucky Cement Limited

    • tujhay bus comment krna hy chahay woh kisi kaam ka ho ya na ho bara hi dheet or jahil insaan hy yaar tu qu is plateform ko apni jahilana batoon say kharab kr rha hy koi or kaam krlo bhai har baat main taang mat dala kro khud hi zaleel hotay ho

  • Hello Moqaam concern,
    Good effort but at least use any eye-catching theme or custom developed website with other functionalities. There are so many website out there for job seekers and employeers, why we use your website? Please let me know any one reason.

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