You Can Now View and Print Fines from E-Challan System in Lahore

Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) e-challan portal is live, and will make it faster for citizens to view and print their digitally-produced traffic fines.

If you have been issued an e-challan, you can go to “” on a web browser to get details of your ticket. Surprisingly, this website has been optimized for smartphones too, so it won’t make a difference what type of device you use to log-in.

How Will the e-Challan System Work?

The e-challan system, as the government calls it, uses PSCA cameras on traffic signals to automatically send fines to traffic violators, by scanning their vehicle’s number plates. For now, the system is only able to detect traffic signal violations.

To get your e-challan, you’ll need to supply your CNIC (the one that’s associated with your vehicle registry) and your vehicle registration number.

E-Challan Working Its Way

Despite having a narrow scope, the service has already issued 87,000 challans in a short period since its launch, worth Rs. 11 million, according to official figures.

It’s good to see that Pakistani authorities are digitizing their regulatory systems. It might take some time before e-challans start getting issued in other cities, including in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Karachi, as the service is only available in Lahore as of yet.

The government is set to improve Lahore’s traffic condition, as it has remained out of hand for a number of years. Provincial authorities introduced a number of improvements in Lahore’s traffic system recently, including penalizing parents who let their children drive, and also increasing fine rates for violators by up to 2000%.

Apparently, the new measures seem to be working, as the number of violators has reduced over the weeks according to official data.

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