IG Police Suggests Increasing Traffic Fines by Up to 2000% in Lahore

The Inspector General of Police Operations in Lahore has requested the provincial IG Police and Chief Traffic Officer to increase traffic violation fines to Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,000 for cars and motorbikes respectively.

The current penalties for breaking traffic rules are Rs. 500 for car/jeep drivers and Rs. 200 for motorcyclists, so if the new fine rates are put into place, the traffic violation charges will increase by a hefty 2000% for cars and 1000% for bikes.

As per the suggestion letter, over 6000 violations occur daily in Lahore – which is an alarmingly high number – that causes slow traffic, accidents and other problems on the roads. Lahore is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan, and most areas of the metropolis have a high traffic flow throughout the day.

According to the police, one way to improve Lahore’s traffic is to drive up the fine rates by a whopping 1000% and 2000% for bikes and cars respectively. They think that this will cause the citizens to respect traffic laws and will eventually improve the city’s traffic condition.

Lahore Traffic Police – Recent Changes

The city already imposed a new law to fine bikers who refuse to wear helmets. Before that, the Lahore High Court directed the authorities to heavily fine and arrest parents who let their underage children drive cars. The judge took notice of increasing traffic violations and accidents on the road and directed the authorities to take stern actions to improve the city’s roads.

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) also introduced an e-challan system for Lahore recently. The system monitors traffic flow and fines people if they violate any traffic rules. For now, the system will only fine those who don’t stop at a red light.

However, e-challans will soon be issued for other types of violations as well, and will be delivered to the violators’ address via a courier service.

  • This could very well work in Pakistan, but ONLY if the perceived image Traffic Wardens remains clean. I’m in favor of this because people will think multiple times before committing a violation. However, there are major problems with such a move.
    1. Licensing system – Do i even need to say further on this? Fake licenses, license without any driving knowledge or test; basically anyone who can grab handlebars or steering wheel is eligible to drive.
    2. Absolute lack of Traffic Awareness – While i am totally in favor of current small campaigns by CTP Lahore’s efforts … this has to be done on a country wide level. Both print, social and other media MUST be used for this, where any traffic mishap should be given utmost importance.

    I could go on but the TL;DR version is, there are major issues with our systems in Pakistan. Until these problems are fixed, crazy steps like these will only cause further damage.

    • As a nation we will not improve any soon, the implementation of this challan figure will lead to lesser challan fees going to the Govt and more of this going to the police personal with bribes etc. There is a known fact of “Monthly” being paid by regular commercial commuters who dont care about the law and these are the ones who are more reckless.

      • Let’s admit it. Traffic situation in Lahore has improved by A LOT ever since Musharraf introduced the Traffic Wardens to control traffic situation.
        However, i totally understand the situation of other provinces, and especially the Motorway area, which seems work on entirely different rules.
        Still, yes you’re right. Unless this ‘monthly’ system is curbed, implementing such high fine figures won’t do much good.

  • This fine is too much. If you honestly and successfully collect the current fines then the violations will be reduced as well. Teach the policemen to stop taking bribes or else impose 20% fine on their salaries. And see the magic.

  • Suggestion is valid….however this is important to use technology to make payment procedure simple and easy. Once I had gone through a complete obseleted procedure to deposit Rs 500 fine which took my entire day wasted. Felt like we are 100 years behind the world.

      • no sir, in lahore easy paisa option is not available. and the most frustrating thing is you have to pay the challan in the same branch of NBP where the voilation occured. and have to take documents next day from the same locality police station. if you pay the challan the same day it is occured you still have to wait one day to get the documents since the documents submited to PS at end of that day by wardens.

  • 6000 are noticed what about those violations which are unattended , and we strongly admit the decision if implemented

  • First the following needs to be fixed before putting the blame on motorists. 1. Improve the parking spaces and enforce the plazas and offices to provide appropriate parking. 2. Improve the traffic signals, nearly half of the signals do not work. 3. Improve the policing standards of traffic wardens and their staffing size so to enforce traffic laws.

  • “As per the suggestion letter, over 6000 violations occur daily in Lahore”.

    I disagree. It might be recorded figure but actual violations would be 3 to 5 times more. And I agree fine should be doubled atleast but before that there must be awareness campaign about traffic rules and traffic wardens must also be fined for taking bribery.

  • If you want to increase the challan amount then increase the income of people as well. Mr. IG you according to tour advise challan amount is equivalent to first world countries then income should also be equivalent to first world countries. Minimum wage rate should be increased to US $8 per hour.

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