Lahore Police to Impose Heavy Fines on Drivers with No License

If you drive or ride your way to the office, school or college and don’t have a driving license, it is the right time to get one now, because the new government is taking the issue seriously.

Lahore Traffic Police has made another announcement related to the traffic rules; they are going to impose hefty fines on people who either don’t carry their driving license or haven’t got one yet.

LTP has set a deadline until the end of December 2018. From the next year, drivers found without a driving license will face huge fines, said a public service message from the city’s traffic police.

Govt to Put Hefty Fines on Drivers Without License After December |

The authority has urged the public to acquire their licenses, if they don’t have one, from the nearest center to avoid any trouble.

In light of the Lahore High Court’s order, the city traffic police has been on heels. They are clamping down on traffic violations in the city.

First, it started an effective awareness campaign on helmets followed by a crackdown and hefty fines which resultantly lessened the number of head injuries in case of accidents. Then, it banned the underage drivers roaming about the roads.

Moreover, the traffic police on Thursday kicked off a campaign against bikes without side mirrors. As per an announcement, from the November 1st, the police will strictly go after the people who don’t comply with the orders.

  • Good move, but license issue krne ka system bhi thek karian, jan bojh k bar bar tang krty & chakkar lgwaty. 3000 do, bana k ghar dy jaty :/

  • 3000 do bike k liye. 5000 car/bike k liye. warna ghomte raho yaha waha. licence office me rishwat khoori urooj per hai aaj kal.

    • Haha thats why ap ko January thak time dea gya hai, k jithna zaleel hona hai is system mi ho jao, pir bad mi shikwy na karna

  • Me and my father applied for driving license for Car/Bike in December 2017. Traffic warden who handed us the learner license in that license center asked me to Give Rs. 3500 and license will be delivered to my home without even going for the driving test.

    Later when I went there a few months after to get some information about the driving test, one other warden told me the same thing. I told him that I want to try it for myself without bribing any one and he said something like this: “Sir aap ko humari yaad zaroor aye gi wahan jaa ker, woh aap ko road signs per hi fail ker dein gey”.
    That is exactly what happened when I went for the driving test in June 2018, they failed me in the road signs test. During those days (before elections and all the strictness from traffic police) the license centers had very few applicants and I was able to get in to the test very quickly, obviously after completing all the requirements for the file, postal tickets, bank challans and what not.

    Yesterday (27th October) I went again to give another driving test and as expected there were too many people waiting for either new licenses or renewal of licenses. People start to come in as early as 6 AM in the morning and offices open at 8 AM. For renewal of licenses particularly they only accept first 40 applicants.

    You can get the idea of the scale of the problem from here, in the city with population of more than 1 crore we only have 2 or 3 centers where people can give driving tests for new licenses. And not to mention the absurd type of questions they ask you in the test, one person they failed yesterday was asked “How many road signs are there in total ?”

    Only Allah knows better whats in their heart but it looks like they are trying to make it difficult for people to get license the right way so that people start opting the wrong i.e. bribery way to get things done.

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