Pakistan Grinds to a Halt After Asia Bibi’s Acquittal

Workers of the right-wing religious parties have taken to streets across the country to protest against the Supreme Court’s verdict that acquitted Asia Bibi of blasphemy charges.

Ahead of the decision, the security had been put on high alert but nothing seems to bother protesters.

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) had directed its workers to take the roads on Wednesday, ahead of the decision, and start the protest if SC releases Asia.

Following the verdict, Jamiat-Ulama-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief and the president of Muttahida Majlis Amal (MMA) Maulana Fazlur Rehman has also called his party workers to record a ‘peaceful’ protest.

Religious parties believe Asia Bibi’s acquittal has come under foreign pressure and is ‘not acceptable at any cost.’

However, the situation has not remained peaceful anymore in several parts of the country.

Islamabad & Rawalpindi

The country’s federal capital has been blocked for traffic after protesters started burning tires at several spots on major avenues.

The situation in the twin cities is worsening; The number of protesters is gradually rising and Army choppers can be seen in the air.

Faizabad Interchange has also been blocked from all four sides, and the roads surrounding Aabpara have also been closed for all traffic.


Due to protests- below mentioned routes are currently blocked:

  • Liyari Express ay Karachi-Hyderabad roads are closed for traffic from both ends. Traffic is being diverted to Al Asif square towards Abu-Al-Hassan Asfahani road.
  • Star Gate Road is closed for traffic.
  • Tower road is also closed; take Jinnah Bridge towards MT khan road, MA Jinnah road towards Baba-e-Urdu cut while II Chandigar Road towards University centre as alternative route.
  • Both roads for Numaish Chowk both roads are blocked, traffic is diverted towards 45 congress to P.P Chowrangi & Society towards corridor.
  • Super highway Karachi to Hyderabad, both roads are closed for traffic. Traffic is diverted to Al Asif square towards Abu-Al-Hassan Asfahani road.
  • 4K Chowrangi Road is closed for traffic.

Other Cities

Section 144 has been imposed in Punjab following the eruption of violent protests in several cities including Sialkot, Faisalabad, Narowal, Shaikhupura and Lala Musa, Kamonki and Kasur.

Punjab Traffic police have issued a circular detailing the blocked routes and their alternative.

Following roads across Punjab are blocked:

  • Abdullah Chowk Shujabad
  • GT chowk, GT road, Dina
  • Bohr Chowk Sohawa, Jhelum
  • Data Darbar Lahore
  • Faisal Chowk Lahore
  • Chungi Amar Sidhu Lahore
  • Bhatti chowk Lahore
  • Ghazi road Lahore.
  • Texali chowk
  • Shahdra chowk Lahore.
  • Bypass Road Chichawatni
  • Mallan Wala, G.T.Road Pattoki
  • New Bypass, Kasur
  • Malanwala, Kasur
  • ChangManga Road, Kot Radha Kishan

Similar scenes can be observed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan as well.

In K-P, Babu Sabu Interchange has been closed, and a large number of protesters are chanting slogans and burning tires. Similarly, the Pak-Afghan border has also been shut down.

More to follow…

  • افسوس !

    چیف جسٹس نے جتنی نیک نیتی اتنے عرصے میں کمائی تھی، ساری کی ساری ایک غلط فیصلے نے تیل کر دی۔

    • Bhai jan aap kindly law of death penalty ki history pay research karnay ki zahmat kar lain, zara khud say koshish kar k dekhain keh ye qaanoon saddion purana hay, Muhammad S.A.W.W k dor-e-nabooatt say jaari hay ya phir 1986 main Pakistan main chalai jaanay waali tehreek ka nateeja hay? Sach baat ki tahqeeq main hamari kaahili aur susti ka he nateeja hay keh bay gunaah insan(musalmaan ya ghair muslim) maaray ja rahay hain is mulk main. Rohingiya main maasoom mulsalmaanon k qatl pay dil to sab ka dukhta hay kiun keh wo musalmaan hain, hamaaray apne hain magar un logon keliay ham sab main aik ghairat mand musalmaan jaag jaata hay jo Islam k naam par sirf itna he kar sakta hay keh bina sochay samjhay lar parray, jaan say maar day. Yahi hay aaj k muslamaan ki ghirat.

      Dil-E-Toor-E-Seena-O-Faran Do Neem
      Tajalli Ka Phir Muntazir Hai Kaleem

      Musalman Hai Touheed Mein Garam Josh
      Magar Dil Abhi Taak Hai Zunnar Posh

      Tamadan, Tasawwuf, Shariat, Kalam
      Butan-E-Ajam Ke Poojari Tamam!

      Haqiqat Khurafat Mein Kho Gyi
      Ye Ummat Rawayat Mein Kho Gyi

      Lubhata Hai Dil Ko Kalam-E-Khateeb
      Magar Lazzat-E-Shauq Se Be-Naseeb!

      Byan Iss Ka Mantaq Se Suljha Huwa
      Lughat Ke Bakheron Mein Uljha Huwa

      Woh Sufi K Tha Khidmat-E-Haq Mein Mard
      Mohabbat Mein Yakta, Hamiyyat Mein Fard

      Ajam Ke Khayalat Mein Kho Gya
      Ye Salik Maqamat Mein Kho Gya

      Bujhi Ishq Ki Aag, Andhair Hai
      Musalman Nahin, Raakh Ka Dhair Hai………….

  • really sad on how things are being done… if the govt has done something which they don’t agree with, then why does TLP punish the common people of Pakistan. office working, white collar, hard working laborer, small to medium business owners earning bread for their families, school children, sick patients, the list goes on…

    if they have any issues with the govt. take it up with the govt. that is a civilized thing to do.
    really shameful thing to hurt the people. certainly not what our religion teaches us…

    • Govt. didn’t do anything. They have a problem with Supreme Court’s decision. Basically they are asking to execute the lady without any proof against her, when it’s proven in courts that all evidences and witnesses against her are self created and hold no value.

        • If you’ve not been paying attention to the case, she was allegedly brought infront of a ‘jirga’ to be pressurized and admit it. Even then, everyone just failed to prove that such a jirga even happened, with some citing presence of 100 people and some 1000. I think anyone with half a brain can figure out that there are no facts in this case, only people with personal vendettas.

            • Unhon nay governer ura diya, session or high courts kay judge ke to wasy he hawa nikal gai. Insaf hona chiyay, qatal kay mujram bhe supreme court say release hoay hain weak evidence pay

  • So if the court has provided the NOT GUILTY verdict, these people have a problem? IMO, ALL of these idiots burning/block the roads should be held accountable and should be thrown in jail.

    • My fanda is simple. If they can’t prove blasphemy in courts, then just leave it to ALLAH. No “HUMAN” has the right to judge let alone kill another human being whatever is the reason.

  • Jizakallah Khair, brother.
    Our people need to read through this before acting out in anger against the court.

  • It’s very important to read Supreme Courts Judgement before making assumptions on this case, the ignorance of our people jumping to conclusions based on hearsay is damaging. The verdict also identifies previous cases as example how Tauheen e Risalat was used for personal gains like Mishal case and one more case of a Christian just to capture his plot. May Allah give us hidayah and bring us out of such ignorance!

  • These people have no authority to judge people that they committed a religious crime. If Asia is guilty then Allah will punish her on the day of judgement. These all mullahs should be sent to Afghanistan because there these idiots belongs along with their taliban brethren.

  • close