Samsung’s New Twitter Image Hints at a Foldable Phone

We’re just two days away from Samsung’s first foldable phone showcase. Despite being so close to the announcement, we don’t know much about the highly-anticipated phone, something of a rarity nowadays.

Samsung Mobile’s official Twitter account has updated its profile picture, showing a bent Samsung logo. This is an obvious nod towards a foldable phone. Check it out:

The South Korean conglomerate has promised a glimpse at the upcoming phone at Samsung Developer Conference, which will be held in San Francisco on 7-8th November.

Leaks mention a 7.29-inch tablet-sized OLED display, which shrinks to 4.6 inches when folded. It will be slightly thicker than regular smartphones and will use much more power thanks to its massive display size.


New Info Surfaces About Samsung’s Foldable Phone

For its hardware, it will feature an Intel chip (rumored) with a custom version of Android designed for foldable screens. Up to 512 GB storage is also expected, along with a 3,000 mAh battery, which sounds low for a phone with a screen this big.

It will see a global release, as multiple build numbers for the phone (pertaining to different regions) were leaked.


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Samsung will begin mass-producing this phone starting this month, making 100,000 units on a monthly basis. Samsung Galaxy F will be officially launched in February 2019, during the Mobile World Conference, if rumors are believed.

Watch this space for more on Samsung’s foldable Galaxy F smartphone.

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