Pakistani Woman Wins $1 Million Lottery in Dubai

A Pakistani-origin woman in Dubai won a million-dollar lottery on Tuesday, media reports said.

Pakistani national Fehmida Tanveer – the lucky winner – said that she spent about Dh 40,000 in buying lottery tickets, hoping that she could win big.

“You know, I bought 18 tickets online for this one draw. Tickets are Dh 1,000 each. For the series last month I bought ten tickets, and for the upcoming draw I’ve already bought about 11 tickets, I think. I just had a feeling one day the investment would pay off, and it did.”

Fehmida has been living in Dubai for the past 12 years. She’s a housewife and her husband works in sales.

Her lottery number ‘0373’ won her $1 million at the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire lottery draw.

This moment is nothing short of ‘life-changing,’ and Fehimida says that she still can’t believe she won.


This Pakistani Just Won $1 Million in Lottery in UAE

“I’m in shock. When they called me, I was so surprised. I’ll believe it when the money is in the bank. It’s still a surprise to me.”

It seems that Fehmida is not done with lotteries. She says that her family will try their luck again and buy more tickets.

“My husband likes to invest, so we’ll keep buying. When I told him we had won, he was just ecstatic. He was saying a prayer for me, even 15 minutes before the draw. Not long after I called him confirming the news.”

When asked how she plans to spend the money, Fehmida revealed she would donate 15% of her winnings to charities back in Pakistan.She also disclosed that half of the money would be invested in property in Dubai.