PIA is Removing the Markhor Logo From its Planes

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has stated that it will not carry the Markhor emblem on its planes anymore.

A PIA spokesperson disclosed, on Tuesday, that the national airline will honor the Supreme Court’s orders and will detach itself from the aforementioned branding from all of its instruments and communications.

It said that the decision to discontinue the new livery was taken after the Supreme Court ordered and the national flag-carrier to discontinue the new logo.

While hearing a case regarding the accumulated losses by the PIA, the Supreme Court had also taken notice of the change of the livery by replacing the Pakistani flag with Markhor in what was termed as a ‘rebranding campaign’.


PIA Stopped from Painting Markhor Logo on its Aircraft by Supreme Court

The top court had ordered PIA to return to the old livery of letters and the flag.

The PIA management initially defended its decision of ‘rebranding’ before the Apex Court by explaining that the branding initiative was taken in April 2016.

Markhor is our national animal. The idea was to show Markhor as a resilient national icon and PIA planes carrying it defined the airline was striving to make a comeback.

However, the airline management failed to defend its move and after the conclusion of Tuesday’s hearing and announced it was discontinuing the Markhor emblem on its planes.

  • Removing ?!
    How many planes had the new livery? NONE! So how can they remove something that wasnt there in the 1st place.
    Yes there were two planes that we in the hangers for a new paint job & PIA thought they would be the right choice to try out the new livery but that never happened since the SC stopped them from using it.
    PIA has recently said that they will not contest their case to use the new livery.
    Dont make ‘sunsanee khaiez’ headlines. They’re misleading.

  • ab hatanay ki kya zrurat hai? Again paisay kharch? better buy two small helicopters with the money spend on repainting.

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