Maryam Mujtaba Becomes PIA’s First Ever Female Pilot From Kashmir

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced Maryam Mujtaba as the airlines’ first female pilot from Kashmir.

In a video posted on its official Twitter handle and the YoutTube channel, the national airlines showed an interview with whom it called the ‘pride of our nation’.

In a four-minute video, Maryam revealed how she got to become a female pilot while saying, “PIA gave me wings to fly.” While speaking about her selection as a pilot, she said that it was like a dream coming true for her.

She said that she had been dreaming of this since she was a little baby.

While responding to a question regarding her parents’ reaction when she desired to be a pilot, she said that her parents always knew about her dream. However, no words were exchanged over the subject. When she showed them her will, her father took her to a flying school and she joined right away.

“I was so lucky that the day I got my Commercial Pilot License (CPL), there was an advertisement going on by PIA. I applied, appeared in the admissions exam, and got my name on the list,” she said.

During the chit chat, she revealed that pilots cannot do any personal modifications to the cockpit, as it is against the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Here is the video of this short interview:

Expressing her passion for the profession, she said, “If I get a chance, I will start living in the airplane.”

When interviewed upon the passengers’ reaction to a female pilot, she shared her experience when she was flying an ATR to Bahawalpur. She told that a female passenger showed concern over a female pilot. However, when the plane landed successfully, the same passenger asked to meet her. She then took pictures with Maryam and gave her blessings.

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