Pakistan is Getting a New Domestic Airline, Who is Behind It?

Prime Minister Imran Khan, during a cabinet meeting on Thursday, granted a license to Liberty Airlines Limited.

People received the news as a good omen that a new airline was going to start functioning in the country. In the meantime, a question might have crossed through the minds of several people that who is behind Liberty Airlines?

So if you are one of the curious minds, we assure you that you have landed on the right page!

Well, without keeping you awaited for much of the time, let me reveal that the man behind the initiative is Mian Amir Mehmood.

Who is Mian Amir Mehmood?

If this name didn’t click anything in your head, maybe Punjab Group of Colleges & Universities will?

He is the same guy who remained City Nazim of Lahore from 2001 to 2009, who also owns Allied School, Punjab Law College and Punjab College of Business Administration and University of Central Punjab.


Liberty Airlines Gets Govt Approval for Domestic Flights

Mian Amir also owns one of the largest media groups in the country, Dunya Media Group, which is an umbrella company for two news networks (Dunya News & Lahore News) and an Urdu newspaper – Roznama Dunya.

More About Liberty Airlines

After ruling the education and media sector for decades, the successful business entrepreneur is now going to launch a private airline in the country. Mian Amir applied for a license last year and got the government’s nod just yesterday.

While the launching date for the airline is still unknown, what we know so far is that Liberty Airlines will be a chartered airline during the initial stages and Irfan Elahi will serve as a consultation head for the company.

Elahi resigned from the chairmanship of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in March 2018; he has also served as Federal Secretary Aviation Division.

While exclusively speaking with ProPakistani, Elahi confirmed the news.

“Yes, the airline is owned by Mian Amir Mehmood, and I will provide the consulting services for the airline,” Elahi said adding that they have not yet finalized the launching date.

This would not be the first airline in the country’s private sector. Currently, two private airlines – Air Blue and Serene Air – operating in the country. Sial Air also secured a license two years ago but hasn’t started operations yet.

On the other hand, Shaheen Air International, which was previously owned by the Pakistan Air Force and was later sold out to famous businessman Khalid Sehbai, is grounded due to a financial crisis with remedial work in process.

Previously, Bhoja Air and Hajvairy Airlines have also operated in the Pakistani airspace. However, Bhoja Air stopped operations after a deadly air crash whereas Hajvairy Airlines discontinued after a financial crunch.

  • Pakistani politics is such a great place to succeed in life through corruption. It’s a one way ticket to owning airlines, castles, hotels, properties and businesses in Europe and US. Best part of it all? Nobody ever wonders or asks where the money even came from.

    Khappay, khappay, khappay.

      • Because every politician is doing what Mr. 10% does. They’re just doing it to varying degrees.

        While the things are going from bad to worse for the country’s middle-class. Politicians are prospering enough to own airlines after just over a decade of public service. This doesn’t happen even in first-world countries for crying out loud.

  • I see so many negative comments here and these cynics are the problem of this country. If Mian Amir has launched Airlines, what is wrong with it. Why cant Liberty become Emirates one day. I hope it is successful so that I dont have to go to Dubai first to catch connecting flight. Imagine flying from Lahore to world over! Amir is very successful business and no longer in politics for long time.

  • Liberty air is not an airline. It’s a private charter company. Airlines do not operate on charter license. Fawad Ch.has mislead the media by calling it an airline. Liberty air has a Charter Class II license NOT an RPTL. Please get your facts straight ProPakistani

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