Daraz 11.11 Sale: Xiaomi Sold its Entire Stock in Seven Minutes

Mi Pakistan featured in the 11.11 Mega Sale at Daraz as the Gold Sponsor showcasing a firework of exclusive launches, discounts and Flash Sales.

Mi Pakistan and Daraz partnered to bring an exclusive Flash Sale on Redmi Note 4 and Amazefit Pace and made record-breaking sales.

The sale started on 11th November 2018, at 12 PM and both products went straight out of stock in just 7 minutes.

Redmi Note 4 has always been fans’ favourite since its launch in Pakistan back in 2017 and the sale record for this flash sale showed that it’s still one of those phones that never go out of trend.

For those who bought Amazefit Pace during the flash sale also bagged a pretty good deal for them as it is one of the best trackers out in the market till date.

Mi Pakistan and Daraz have been committed to bringing mind blowing flash sales to Pakistan for a while now and the results have always been overwhelming which defines the success of their collaboration in Pakistan.

Xiaomi is the global technology leader that is more than just about smartphones.

Smart Link Technologies is the official distributor for Xiaomi in Pakistan and deals with all the Xiaomi products in Pakistan including smartphones, eco-products and lifestyle products. Smart Link Technologies is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sale services to Xiaomi users in Pakistan.

It has been breaking records in Pakistan since its entry in the market and it is safe to say that it will continue to do so while striving to bring innovation for everyone.

  • They had only 10 phones and sold out in 7 min. Next year they will have 1 phone which will sell out in 1 sec. That would be a record. Entire stock sold out in 1 sec. Wow. Propakistani writers go crazy.

  • دراز والوں کا چمچہ پرو پی کے یہ بھی تو بتائے کہ سٹاک تھا کتنا ایک دو تین پانچ یا 10 پیس۔
    اس لیے تو یہ شو نہیں کرتے کہ سیل کے کل کتنے پیس ہیں کتنے سیل ہو چکے ہیں ہیں اور کتنے باقی رہ گئے ہیں۔ ورنہ ان کا ڈرامہ کیسے چلے۔ سیل والے آءٹم کو اس طرح ہونا چاہیے https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/86cfb395979f9be163165739762b91b335c9b758959eb1afd1392cf189203993.png

  • ye do char pieces pr sale lgate hei phir propk jeise in k chamche btate hei k in ka stock 7 minutes mei khtm ho gya

  • Ye pro paPakista wala lagta hai commision leta hai xiaomi aur huawei se. Jab hi hamesha chamcha geeri karta rehta hai un ki.

  • Stop writing PAID articles.
    Daraz is biggest cheater in the history of online markets.
    They were giving 70 % off on move 3i. Do you what they have written its original price? 145,000/-. And after 70% discount it was 43,199. ( I also have screen shot of that so called sale ) and about MI products, amazefit is actually selling at lower rates in local markets. So…..
    Stop writing PAID articles.

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