Farjazz.pk Is Offering Flat 50% Discount On Green Friday Sale

Whether its the Valentines Day or the Halloween, there is no denying that Pakistan has developed a habit of following foreign trends; the latest to join the long list is Black Friday. Having started in 1952 in United States, Black Friday marks the start of shopping extravaganza where retailers offer huge discounts on a variety of products.

Since its inception, Black Friday has come a long way and customers eagerly await for the fourth week of November to avail these mega deals and discounts. However, in Pakistan, the Black Friday trend is anything but something to look forward to.

Established e-commerce stores in Pakistan, which the local customers used to rely on, distanced themselves from the true essence of Black Friday. Instead of ensuring quality, the e-commerce stores chose to maximize their gains by offering fake discounts. Due to this, the entire industry came under fire for misleading the customers despite some trying their hardest to prevent that from happening.

As the famous saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. Similarly, these fake discounts impacted the entire industry in a manner which led the customers to lose their faith in e-commerce stores altogether and it has been the same ever since.

In short, the Black Friday in Pakistan remains an enigma, an epidemic.

Farjazz.pk – Here to Repair What’s Lost?

In such a dark time, Farjazz.pk has taken a leap of faith in a bid to recapture the market by regaining the trust of all the customers. To overcome this challenge, the company has a foolproof plan in place; never compromise on quality.

In order to excel in a customer-prominent business, customer satisfaction is the ultimate key to success and with that realization, Farjazz.pk has put extra emphasis on ensuring that customers remain satisfied; be it through ensuring quality, timely delivery or offering best possible rates.

Green Friday Sale at Farjazz.pk

With Black Friday around the corner, the company is ready to deliver on its promises to the customers. For starters, Farjazz.pk has renamed the even as Green Friday, which has been a huge topic of debate in recent times.

The Flash Sales timings are 12pm – 2pm and 7pm to 9pm on each day.

Farjazz.pk promises to deliver genuine discounts on a variety of products which are going to be worth every penny.

The Green Friday sale will go live on Farjaaz.pk on 19th of November and will end on 24th of the same month.

Here is a glimpse of what the company has to offer on each day:

19th November — Fashion Day
Brands Include:

  • Al-Karim Textile
  • Ochre
  • Diners
  • Red Tree
  • Kidz n’ Kidz
20th November — Electronics Day
Brands Include:

  • Samsung
  • WestPoint
  • Huawei
  • Apple
  • Black & Decker
21st November — Home and Living Day
Brands Include:

  • Red n Bed
  • Bath and Home
  • I am Official
  • Tescoma
  • Prestige
22nd November — Beauty, Health and Fragrances Day
Brands Include:

  • J Dot
  • ELF Cosmetics
  • Oriflame
  • Calvin Klein
  • City Colors

On 23rd and 24th, the company will offer flat 50% off on thousands of products and much more!

It is worth mentioning that Farjazz.pk is also offering additional discounts on Big Brands which include already mentioned Al-Karim Textile, Samsung, J Dot and more!

This is the best chance for everyone to get the best deals available on Green Friday on genuine products. For more information about Green Friday deals, check the Farjazz.pk’s Green Friday page.

  • If our so called Nationalist are not misleading the nation with coloring the wolf like sheep. They should instead use the other dates but not as same of Black Friday dates. They actually get benefits from foriegn suppliers on Black Friday and sell us by Painting it to Green Red or Blue Friday…

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