Pakistani Company Succeeds in Biggest Icon Campaign in Kickstarter History!

Beyond Markhor, Mont5 and the PRSRV Power Bank, it’s hard to recall successful Pakistani crowdfunding campaigns.

So it’s exciting that the makers behind one of these campaigns is at it again, because if they could do it then, they could very well do it again!

The team behind Mont5, the customized luxury leather jackets brand, is currently in the midst of a KickStarter campaign for IconBunny, the world’s largest and only single-source icon library that offers every icon in over a dozen styles, according to the company.

Now the team has taken to Kickstarter to ask for the public’s backing for the biggest ever icon campaign in Kickstarter history. IconBunny will be 100 times bigger than the most ambitious kickstarter icon campaign of all time!

Their ask is $20,000 to dedicate a team to grow their library 2x for a whopping 100,000 icons!

When asked about his motivation for the project, Farrukh Malik, Founder of IconBunny excitedly remarked:

I’m excited by a future where designers wouldn’t need to manually modify icons to match their project style. Heck, they wouldn’t need to search anywhere at all, other than IconBunny.

If you wish to check out their campaign, visit IconBunny Kickstarter and if you like what you see, we strongly encourage you to share the campaign on social media, as social sharing is the lifeblood of crowdfunding campaigns.

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