Chief Minister Approves Wrapping Up of KP Ehtisab Commission

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has formally approved the wrapping up of the provincial Ehtisab Commission.

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan signed a summary to rollback the provincial accountability watchdog.

Provincial Minister for Information Shaukat Yousufzai said a bill for repealing of the commission will be presented before the provincial cabinet for approval.

After the cabinet’s approval, the bill will be presented in the provincial assembly for passage.

Yousufzai said that the assets and pending cases of the commission will be transferred to KP Anti-corruption Department.

The employee of the Ehtisab Commission will either be included in the surplus pool or will be offered to avail gold handshake.

In its first meeting of the new Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) cabinet on Wednesday, it decided to close down embattled K-P Ehtesab Commission.



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In early September this year, the KP cabinet had decided to rollback the Ehtisab Commission. The government’s move to close down the Commision has stirred concerns among the employees of the Commission.

Following the decision, its employees have gone to court urging it to direct the government to adjust them in other departments or reverse decision about shutting down so that they can remain employed.

The commission’s employee Saifullah Khan and others filed a petition before the (PHC), through their lawyer Arif Yousafzai, asking the court to retain their employment.

Saifullah and other employees had contended that they are clueless about their future after the K-P government decided to abolish the commission. They added that they had served in the commission for four years but their services had yet to be regularised. Hence there was uncertainty amongst the employees about their future.

  • LOL.

    In other provinces NAB is doing a “great” job and PTI government is quite happy with their “work, but the same NAB should not work in KP is eradicated by their government in KP. PPP did the same in Sindh. So now the notorious and powerless anti-corruption department will handle corruption cases. Why NAB is not trusted for the same in KP and Sindh ?

    Or may be real establishment of Pakistan (de fecto rulers) want NAB to live as long as it “handles” some unwanted ones in so called corruption cases. This exercise which is an eye wash is only Punjab specific on behest of establishment and Qazi.

    • In case you don’t know, Ehtisab Commission is not NAB and both of them are separate organizations. NAB is a national organization and it will keep executing in all regions of Pakistan including KP.

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