Pak Railways Offers 50% Student Discount on Tickets (for a Limited Time)

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed has announced a 50% discount for students from December 25 to January 10.

Notably, the minister also announced that Pakistan Railways is launching six new trains, four of which will be operational soon.

He also said that his ministry will approach the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to probe and identify corruption in the Railways department. Rasheed admonished encroachers, saying he will not allow anyone to trespass on railways’ land and will go to any length to retrieve it.


Railways Generates Rs1763 Million by Leasing Out Lands in FY’17-18

“I hope the Railways will become an earning institution in 60 days,” said the minister. “We need at least a year to re-develop it.”

He also told that he would continue working with current Railways administration for the first 100 days. However, those who do not want to work with him will be sent home.

The railways ministry is going at lengths to get back on track by devising new strategies for its revival and being able to contribute to the national exchequer instead of consuming a large portion of citizens’ taxes every year.

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