How Has PIA’s New Passenger Service System Performed [Analysis]

In September, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) made a transition from its old Passenger Service System to a new one.

It changed from the 18-year-old system from Sabre to the new Turkish web-based product ‘HITIT’ that was deemed as more convenient and more efficient.

However, the migration did not go well with some passengers, as the switching and the new software resulted in some bugs and disruptions. Stories started circulating on media, especially social media, that the new system was proving to be ineffective and troublesome.

However, PIA informed the Senate Committee on Aviation that the flag carrier did face some issues pertaining to the change in equipment and training of staff but only in the start.

After both issues were addressed, the results improved greatly. In a report presented before the committee, PIA stated that the overall performance after the migration to the new system was promising.

Furthermore, the customer feedback was also mixed. A few passengers faced inconvenience while some of them favored the new system.

Here are the details of the overall performance after the installation of the new system.

Key Performance Indicators October 2018 Remarks
Total Flights Operated 13292 Not a single Flight Cancelled due to System Change
International Destinations 26 All destinations on the network
No. of Check-In 423597 Average Check-In time is 1.05 Min
No. of active Users in the System 5,783 3700 PIA users and 1718 agents
Total Tickets Sold in the System 561778
Value of Sales (Rs.) Approx. 9.5 billion Current Monthly average is Rs. 7.5 billion
Agents In the System 1718