You Can Only Bring in 1 Phone from Overseas to Pakistan

The government has brought about a major policy shift regarding travelers bringing in cellphones under the personal baggage rules.

The Minister of State for Revenue, Hammad Azhar, has announced that those coming to Pakistan will be allowed to bring only 5 cellphones per year while just one of them will be customs free.

It means that the person shall have to pay the customs duty for the other four devices if the user requires their service beyond 30 days.

The state minister revealed the new regulations in a tweet, saying the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will deactivate the mobiles phones that have been sold after December 1, 2018, without any payment of customs duty after the passage of 30 days.

However, mobile phones that are currently in use or activated before the said date will not require any registration, he stated.

The minister also said, “The cabinet has also approved relaxation in policies regarding the commercial import of new and used mobile phones.”

Moreover, he told that the government has lifted the ban on commercial imports of used phones that conform to the PTA regulations and the taxes and duties are paid against them.

While guiding the phone users to the process, Azhar asked them to ensure the legal status of the newly acquired phones or phones that they need to activate a SIM in after December 1, 2018.


Government is Likely to Allow Import of Used Smartphones in Pakistan

Notably, the Federal Information Minister, Fawad Chaudhry had announced on Friday that the government will roll out a new Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to block the smuggled phones after December 31.

However, he said that the restriction will not be imposed on the phones that are already being used.

Via: Express Tribune

  • prices for the mobile phones and middle east are almost similar, if duties will be paid they will be even expensive from local market. is it that govt is trying to facilitate importers?

  • Govt gone insane. What if they are keeping multiple cellphones for their own use? This should have to be imposed only on the new cellphones purchased from abroad.

  • so i am coming to Pakistan at 5th Jan 2019 and i am carrying one phone..but i have to leave back with in 23 days i am not using that phone in pakistan..should i still need get that phone to be registered . how that will work?

    • Hey did you reach PAKISTAN what happenfd how many phones did you take with you and how much custom did you pay please let me know my flight is after two days.

  • If I’ll purchase an 2nd hand Phone ( fir example Iphone X ) for 300.00 GBP so what will be the tax in Pakistan, it will be on purchased price or Other.
    And how can register in PTA. Etc.
    Please Ans.


  • I am going to karachi in Feb 2019. I have 2 phones. 1 i am using currently, and I have brought it to pakistan and used it there before dec 2018.
    The other is new one as gift for someone.

    As stated it says per annum one duty free phone is allowed.

    So will I have to pay tax on the new phone? As for this year this is the first new phone I am bringing in.

    This is such a garbage policy. I have already paid tax on the phone in canada why would I pay again to Pakistan Gvt?

    • If you buy phone abroad you pay tax in that country not to Pakistani government (how is Pakistan government going to benefit from that), that’s your problem. If you buy a phone in Pakistan and take it to Canada / or any other country (more than one phone) they will charge you customs. Just because you bought and paid tax in Pakistan doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay in the destination country. Most people accept that, but complain if Pakistan charge tax. Take many phones as you want and you can use them for 30 days, without registering them, and you don’t need to declare anything. The airport custom staff are crooks trying to scare people. You only need to declare if you are keeping the phones in Pakistan beyond 30 days and want to use them. otherwise no need to worry. You only need to declare one phone that you want to use beyond 30 days with a PAK sim. If you are going to keep a foreign sim in your phone then it will continue to work past 30 days, so no need to register. Remember you don’t have to do anything at the airport, other than to declare one phone that you want to use beyond the 30 days with a PAK sim.

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