NH5 North Is the Most Dangerous Road in Pakistan: Report

According to a report, fatalities occurring in road accidents on the national highways added up to 355 out of 6,548 total road accident fatalities in 2016.

For pedestrians, the national highways are even more dangerous. However, this fact should be kept in mind that there is no reliable data on the number of pedestrians killed on provincial roads.

Nevertheless, the most dangerous national highway for pedestrians is N-5 North. As per the statistics, between the 2013-2016, the fatalities, with respect to pedestrians, on the N-5 North section were 59.


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As for the N-5 Central section, the fatalities amounted to 12, while 7 and 5 fatal crashes occurred on N-5 South and N-25, respectively.

Moreover, vehicles including cars, buses, and trucks were involved in the fatal pedestrian crashes and the crashes occurred mostly during the daytime.

On N-5 and N-25, cars were the major reason for the fatal pedestrian accidents. 50 fatalities occurred due to cars. Surprisingly, buses come after the cars in terms of the cause behind pedestrian fatal crashes. They accounted for 43 crashes on the said roads in 2013-2016.

Trucks caused 38 fatal accidents, while 12 fatalities were caused by 2-wheels’ vehicles.