Medical Report Confirms Minors Died Due to the Food at Arizona Grill

A medical report has confirmed that the reason for the death of the two minor kids last month after they dined out at a posh restaurant in Karachi’s high-end area, was food poisoning.

A local news channel claims that the samples taken from the eatery were substandard and not fit for eating. The food resulted in food poisoning, eventually causing the death of the two kids the next day.


On Sunday, November 11, two minors died, while their mother was hospitalized after dining at the Arizona Grill restaurant in Karachi’s DHA Phase V area.

According to SSP South Pir Muhammad Shah, the family went for a dine-out on Saturday night at Arizona Grill in Zamzama Boulevard Mall. Early on Sunday morning, the three fell sick and were taken to the hospital in critical condition where the two minor kids died, while the mother eventually recovered.

The restaurant was subsequently sealed and a case of ‘attempt to murder without known intentions’ was registered against the eatery management following the news on media.

An investigation was launched and a godown of the eatery was found where the authorities recovered rotten meat. The label on expired meat packages showed that it expired in 2015.

Both the godown and the restaurant were sealed by the authorities.

  • “Attempt to murder without known intentions”? In other words it’s manslaughter. Pakistani justice system is so pathetic that we don’t even use proper terms for crimes.

    • It’s culpable homicide in Pak, not Manslaughter… this is what happens when pakis live abroad for a month and think they can educate the land with their broadened horizons. ??

      Nice jab at Pakistan, but this isn’t the justice system writing an article. Dumbass.

  • Its high time, legislation should be amended to include “food adulteration & allied activities” as an offence similar to “intent to causing deadly harm” – punishable by death.

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