Peshawar Gets Rickshaw Garbage Lifters

If you’re a Peshawar resident or a regular visitor of the metropolitan, you must have seen the yellow rickshaws with a small container attached to them.

These are the newly introduced trash-lifters in the district.

These rickshaws have been introduced to lift garbage from the areas where large trash trucks cannot reach. Smart move, isn’t it?

Well, the yellow trash-rickshaws are swiftly moving trash-carriers and can load as much as 400 kg of trash at a time.

While the city already had trash trucks for this purpose, those large vehicles cannot access narrow streets or very busy roads.

So, in such places, these small garbage removers can come in handy. 

So if you live in one of those areas where heavy traffic cannot reach, you should sit back and relax because now you won’t have to worry about the heaps of garbage at the corner of your street.

You can call Water and Sanitation Department and ask them to send one of these new additions to their fleet.

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