South Korea Becomes the First Country to Get Commercial 5G

It’s been nearly 4 years since 4G was launched in Pakistan and the world is already moving to 5G. South Korea has reportedly launched the fifth generation of wireless communication technology in some of its cities.

LG Uplus, SK Telecom, and KT successfully tested out the new tech.

5G is supposed to bring much faster downlink/uplink speeds and reduce latency (the time it takes to send and receive a packet of data from a specific terminal).

SK Telecom’s CEO Park Jung-Ho made video calls to employees in three different cities using a test Samsung phone. The telco will be offering 5G services in 13 different cities in South Korea.

Mr. Park remarked after he made the calls,

I feel deeply moved by this first video call on a 5G smartphone. It was much clearer than on LTE and the response was quick.

Other than the video calls, the company used AI to send 24 HD images to a cloud server from a production line. SK Telecom also tested 5G on two of their self-driving cars (in different cities) that were connected to the company’s control tower.

If the cars can be controlled/monitored using 5G, it could be a major step forward in self-driving cars’ deployment.

KT Telecom, the biggest telco in South Korea, tested 5G using a robot called Lota. Lota is a guide robot for the Lotte World Tower in Jasmil city.

The company used a robot for the test as it was keen to prove that the tech can be used for more than mobile communication.

KT has launched 5G in 6 cities other than Jasmil, with plans to expand their 5G services to 24 more cities soon. Their coverage will include subway stations as well.

The third company, LG Uplus, partnered with a tractor manufacturer LS Mtron for their test. They aim to develop remote-controlled tractors that are connected via 5G.

With this development, South Korea has beaten US, China, and Japan in the 5G race. Now, it’s only a matter of time until we see 5G phones released around the world.

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