LG’s Laser 3D Camera Phone Could Destroy the Competition

LG is going to introduce a new laser 3D camera that will make you forget the Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS.

The latest camera technology will reportedly be included in the much-anticipated LG G8 ThinQ.

In its latest patent, LG has revealed a 3D photo-capturing technology that uses the laser to determine the depth of the object and uses the information to form a 3D image.

As per the patent, this was discovered by LetsGoDigital and the technology works for both pictures and videos.

Apple had introduced a 3D front camera in its iPhone X for Face ID unlocking feature, but LG is planning to add this in the rear camera to get more detailed high-resolution photographs.

How Does it Work?

Well, it works mostly as a human eye does. The laser sensor fires out light which returns to the sensor after touching the object in focus.

The sensor, through the available information, determines the distance, depth and other details of the object, mostly like a 3D scanner.

The new technology can also come handy for security purposes (like one in iPhone X) if used in front-facing cameras for face unlock.

So, When Can We Expect It?

LG’s patent does not make it clear as to when it is going to launch G8 ThinQ or whether it will have the 3D sensor or not, but it’s not coming until mid-2019. So, sit back and wait for the revolutionary camera phone, as most of us are doing!