Religious Peace: This 70-Year Old Shop Owned by a Hindu is Still Untouched!

The worldwide image of Pakistan is of an intolerant, conservative society. However, when looked upon closely, the society negates all these notions.

Many foreigners who’ve visited Pakistan – like Jeremy McLellan, Martin Kobler, and so on – have come out to clear out the misconceptions regarding the country.

Only recently, an interesting discovery has surfaced that proves the harmony and kindness of the Pakistani people. A Twitter user has shared a picture showing an almost ancient structure. According to the tweet, it is a shop left by a Hindu in Mekhtar Loralai when he moved to India after the partition.

Since then, nobody has even touched it, considering it a property of that Hindu. Here is the tweet,

Hindu shop in Balochistan

Many people have lauded and appreciated the move, calling it a true depiction of Pakistan.

Hindu shop in BalochistanHindu shop in BalochistanHindu shop in Balochistan

Hindu shop in Balochistan

Hindu shop in Balochistan

  • wow there have been several attacks on churches and on peaceful religious demonstrations in Pakistan including places like KP but this isolated example of one shop remaining untouched is apparently sufficient to prove that Pakistan is a safe place for people belonging to different religions?! WOW! JUST WOW! AND UNSURPRISINGLY OUR PEOPLE WOULD BE KEEN TO BELIEVE THIS BULL ****

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