Best HD TVs of 2018 in Pakistan

2018 was a great year for Smart TVs and we had some incredible new launches. But the question remains, which TV is the best?

Now as with most products, the best way to find what sets each one apart is by trying them out. Of course, you can’t really just try out every TV in the market, which is why we did it for you!

To make it even easier for you guys, we’ve divided the TVs into the Flagship and Mid-Range segments and all of the models below are available in Pakistan.

So, all you have to do is just read on ahead and you can find out exactly how well the TVs compare with each other. The next time you go for a TV purchase, you’ll have all you need to make a confident and informed choice.

Flagship TVs

Samsung Nu 7100 Series 7

The NU7100 is a pretty good 4k TV with great picture quality and nice contrast ratio. It also has low input lag which makes it a good choice for gamers.

The Smart TV options are easy to use and navigation in the menu is fairly straightforward. On the other hand, it doesn’t really bring anything fancy to the table. What’s a bit surprising is the price which is very reasonable especially for a Samsung TV, making the Nu 7100 a decent choice for its price.

  • 49’ inch Rs. 76,000
  • 55‘ inch Rs. 125,000

TCL products really do hold their own against the more expensive brands and the C6 is no exception. An excellent UHD TV, the C6 has a great range of premium Smart 4K TV features that you would normally expect to find in a far more expensive TV. That includes it being the first TV in Pakistan to offer AI Technology with its licensed Android OS loaded with Google Assistant which allows you to interact and control your TV just through voice commands.

The C6 has absolutely amazing audio quality thanks to a Harman-Kardon soundbar and its WCG technology supports really crisp visuals and vivid colours, giving C6 consumers a really immersive viewing experience. Plus, the low lag on the input makes the C6 perfect for use as a gaming TV. One of the best Smart 4K TVs in the market, the C6 is one of the best choices and really gives you a lot of value for your money.

  • 49’ inch Rs.  102,900
  • 55’ Inch Rs.  124,900
  • 65” Inch  Rs. 179,900
Sony Bravia KD UHD Smart TV

A reliable TV with great picture and sound quality. The TV has great input which along with high quality clarity and contrast makes it a good choice for gamers.

Design wise, it’s a fairly lightweight TV and it has all the basic Smart TV functions that you would expect to find. While nothing stands out, the Bravia as a Sony TV is a bit disappointing. Even more so as it comes with a higher price tag making it not really worth the substantial price.

  • 49’ Rs.  105,000
  • 55’ Rs.  140,000

With the competition so tight in the Flagship range, LG fails to make a real impact in the market. The picture quality is nice and clear with good colour and the sound quality is passable. The ports are a bit hard to reach, though, and the Wi-Fi is a bit spotty. In all honesty, you’d be better served waiting a bit and buying a more expensive TV.

  • 49’ Rs.  78,000

Mid-range TVs

Samsung N5300 FLAT series 5

The N5300 has everything you would expect from a Samsung TV. Fantastic picture quality, brilliant audio and all the bells and whistles that make for a really good Smart TV. Not only that, its screen is also much larger than other Mid-range TVs.

However, all this comes at a cost and the N5300 is hampered by the fact that its price is the highest among this range. In fact, you’d be better off just saving up and buying a cheaper premium Smart TV. So, if you are looking for an affordable Smart TV, this is not it.

  • 49’ Rs. 72,000
TCL S6500

Another really great option from TCL, the S6500 gives great value for money, especially compared to other bigger brands like Samsung. The FHD display optimizes visuals to give sharper colours, brightness and contrast for a picture perfect feel. Using Dolby technology, the sound from the S6500 is well balanced and very clear.

For gamers, the S6500 is an excellent choice with easy access to ports and minimal lag. And similar to the Flagship C6 TV, the S6500 comes with AI Technology thanks to licensed Android Oreo featuring Google Assistant. Plus it has the major advantage of being very economically priced, making it perfect for the budget conscious. If you are looking for a TV that can do it all at a very reasonable price, than look no further than the TCL S6500.

  • 32” Rs.  31,900
  • 40’ Rs. 42,900
  • 49” Rs. 62,900
Ecostar CX-40U852/853

The Ecostar CX-40U852/853 is a fairly decent Smart TV. The picture quality is clear and the colours are sharp. It has decent audio quality and all the functions you would expect from a Smart TV. And while it has no flaws, nothing really stands out either, including its price. Standing firmly in the middle of the pack, the CX-40U852/853 is a good TV but at its price, it’s not the greatest value for your money.

  • 40” Rs. 37,500
Haier U5000A

On the lower priced side of the range, the U5000A is fairly good value for money. The visuals are clear and the contrast has a natural look to it. Functionality-wise it has all the basics covered and it has good inputs allowing for a decent gaming experience. And while nothing stands out, the price is reasonable enough that it doesn’t matter as much. In short, the U5000A is not a bad choice.

  • 43’ Rs. 45500
Orient Cheetah

If you are looking for a cheap TV, the Cheetah is at about as at low a price as you are going to get. On the other hand, the screen is visibly small compared to pretty much any other TV and it doesn’t have any Smart TV functions.  It nonetheless still has great picture and sound quality. Overall, it’s about what you would expect from a decent but very cheap HD TV. Not a bad option for an HD TV but end up missing out on the Smart TV functions.

  • 32’ Rs. 21,500
Changhong Ruba 42E3500

Another decent LED TV, the 42E3500 is a bit pricey for an HD non-Smart TV. It has a decent screen size and is visibly larger than the Orient Cheetah. The visual and audio quality is good enough for a Mid-Range TV. So if you really don’t want Smart TV functions (why wouldn’t you want them though?) then it’s not a bad choice. But, if you don’t mind the smaller screen size, you would be better of getting the Cheetah.

  • 42’ Rs. 35,000

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        • ANDRIOD TV k baray main jantay bhi ho? yeh har jagga kamiyab bhi nhi hy qu k is k liye internet ki speed bohat zyada chahye hoti hay aam aadmi k liye midrange ka hd led bhi zabardast hota hy tu middle class bhi qu 2 number led buy karay koi thumharay jaisa parha likha jahil hi hoga jo 2number product pr apna paisa zaya kry ga

        • ANDRIOD TV k baray main jantay bhi ho? yeh har jagga kamiyab bhi nhi hy qu k is k liye internet ki speed bohat zyada chahye hoti hay aam aadmi k liye midrange ka hd led bhi zabardast hota hy tu middle class bhi qu 2 number led buy karay koi thumharay jaisa parha likha jahil hi hoga jo 2number product pr apna paisa zaya kry ga

    • My friend in UAE market i found only one 43 sony android tv, which is much expensive. I dont think so, people will waste budget on 43 android tv. Imagine 43 sony tv with 2100AED, while Samsung Full HD 55″ worth 1800 AED.

  • With the Pakistan DTH service to start in couple of months. Such HD Smart TV sales will get a boost. People will start going for better quality displays when they get the HD quality content.

  • I have LG 43 752 UHD TV, which has much better result when compared with Samsung. I agree color situation of and composition of Sony is best then both, In IPS display, LG has much better 4K tv as compared to Samsung. Another problem with Samsung in UAE is, its products are assembled in Egypt, which has worst QA. This is one reason, people here are not buying samsung.

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