PTCL Revises Rates for All Packages Up to 250Mbps

Although Mobile data is surpassing WiFi connections in usage, you cannot download FHD movies or binge watch your favorite shows via mobile internet due to limited data.

That is why broadband providers leverage the fact and offer a number of unlimited offers. This time, PTCL has come up with the revised rates on its different packages. Here are PTCL’s packages for ADSL/VDSL and GPON.

Speed 4 Mbps 8 Mbps 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 250 Mbps
Volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Internet Charges (PKR)  1,700 2,150 2,650 3,200 5,000 7,500 15,000
Freedom Unlimited* (PKR)  Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
U Freedom (PKR) 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
Freedom Plus (PKR) 399 399 399 399 399 399 399
Smart TV (PKR)  525  Free  Free Free Free Free Free

*Freedom Unlimited Package until some other package is opted.

Other free add-ons include:

  • Free Smart TV App
  • Free Smart Link App
  • Free VAS Bundle

It needs to be noted here that the internet speed for ADSL is up to 20Mbps, 50 Mbps on VDSL, and 250 Mbps on GPON (Fiber).

Installation Charges

  • Charges for availing a new internet connection with existing Landline include Rs.2,499 (Tax included).
  • Charges for installation of landline and internet i.e. Double Play or that of landline, internet, and smart TV include Rs.5000 with tax.
  • Charges for installation of New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection are advance Rs.15,000.
  • Charges of conversion from Existing Copper connection to GPON are: PKR. 7,500/- upfront.

For more details visit PTCL website.

  • I have Stormfiber, Fiberlnk, National Broadband and Ebone FTTH services in my area. I am paying 1700 including tax for 6 Mbps Ebone connection. Bandwidth for Youtube is 10 Mbps. Why would I go for PeeTCL?

  • I was using 20 MBPS for 2999. Now I’ll have to ether pay 200 more for 25 MBPS (The speed increase is not even going to be noticeable) or save RS 350 and get less speed. What should I do?

    • Okay so ptcl says as long as i don’t change my package myself i’ll continue getting 20mbps for the same price on existing connections

      • I don’t have any GPON or FTH Service in my area and PTCL is the best alternative from the rest (worldcall, wateen) .

          • Yaar I’m not saying it’s awesome. It’s above average to good. Streaming ache hoti hai, 80% of the time YouTube and Netflix HD par uninterrupted stream hotay Hain. Torrent par 60% of the time average speed 1.2 – 1.5 ajate hai. So im content

            The technique to get a good connection is be friends with the line man. If I have a complaint I just send him a WhatsApp. Mostly kaam time par hota hai.

  • Wah yar bari change ayi hah… in shehzado se yeh to poocho k inpay upload speed bhi same hi ayegi ki 1mbps ayegi? (2numberCL)

      • Well that’s fair, BUT if you switch to PTCL Fiber connection as well, you’re getting 10mbps download but 5-6mbps/ish upload. WHY NOT SAME SAME UPLOAD DOWNLOAD THERE???

        • You might have enabled it on your modem but at back end it is not enabled by PTCL exchange. You have to contact PTCL Customer Care (1218) in order to enable Annex M. But Annex M is only provided to connections of 8 Mbps and above.

  • Just upgraded to PTCL 10mbps, koi khaas faraq nahi lag raha.

    Cable internet ke browsing is say zayada fast aur fresh feel hoti hay, shayad unke uploading speed 4mbps main up bhi 4 he hay.

    PTCL ke 10mbps main uploading speed 1mbps he hay :O

        • You have to contact PTCL Customer Care (1218) for this. But Annex M is only provided on 8Mbps and greater connections.

          • Did that. Now Annex M is enabled but still not getting more than 1mbps upload. Attainable rates is showing max 1mbps. It is 100 percent because my SNR margins on upstream are less than 6dB. Have complaint to PTCL to improve line quality as well as do feasibility study on my line to check if i can upgrade from ADSL2+ to VDSL.

  • How to check if your area has vdsl? i want to upgrade from 10mbps to 15mbps but my line adsl line won’t be able to support 15mbps.

  • Jb tk connection me copper ka tar h tb tk pootycl bkar h even their vdsl os not good changed to local cable net and speed ping latency are all great cable net guy gets its bandwidth from cybernet

    • I have seen only Cybernet/national cable internet service stable in Faisalabad. They don’t disconnect like other cable providers and FiberLink.

  • you are all lucky for getting that speed. here if we apply for 2MB than connection starts getting disconnections due to copper line

  • I am using PTCL since 2008. Started with 2 Mpbs then upgraded to 8 Mbps then 20 Mpbs. Now going to upgrade to 25 Mbps as per revised packages.

    So far all these years PTCL broadband has performed “adequately” as per my expectations. I have always received advertised speed and downtime has always been manageable. The only complaint I can have is that it is ADSL, so upload is limited to 1 Mbps, but again I am not much of an uploader anyway so it really isn’t a problem for me.

    And yes, the PTCL connectivity where i live is on fiber.

    Just sharing my feedback, so you know that it doesn’t perform as poorly as majority of the people are claiming it here.

    • when you use internet you become uploader automatically…
      you send data first to receive anything.
      call helpline and tell them you want 2 to 3 mb upload, if your line supports this you’ll get 50% improvement in your overall usage.

  • Getting this on VDSL 50Mbps in Bahria Town, Lahore Exchange. This is revamped exchange (Naya Network). Better than ADSL, but still not ablee to get advertised speeds despite having very good parameters. I don’t understand why the last mile is still copper despite investing a lot for FTTN. They are hesitant to expand for FTTH.

    • 1: ptcl says vdsl is max 20mbps unless the exchange to user is all perfect for more.
      2: try with hardwired computer and if you get more speed than you need dual band router.

  • This pathetic company PTCL. Let me tell you what they revise. They for instance removed 10mb packaged and so called upgraded the customers to 15mb without their consent. so the customer has to pay higher amount because they so called revised the freaking packages.

    What they do is they remove a package and let a lesser package in this case 8mb be there and upgrade to upper package in this case 15mb. and they will convince you like, sir its just 250rs extra but you get 150% more speed, later when you ask them to revert to a lower packages like 8mb they will be sir its just 250rs difference but lowering to 8mb is half a difference in speed bla bla bla. these fukhhras are just a piece of business crap. looting people of this country.

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